A Week in My Life: Spring 2022 Semester

This year has truly flown by- between classes, starting a new job, and hanging out with friends, the spring semester of my Master’s program has already come and gone! Last week was my last week of classes (EVER- sorry, Ariëlle, I had to) so I wanted to write up a “Week in my life” post like I did last semester! Overall, this semester has been crazy busy, but I’ve enjoyed sunny days in the park, homework nights with wine, and even had a weekend trip to Latvia. Even though it was a stressful few months, I will look back on these weeks with love and joy.

Monday 4 April

Mondays this semester were BUSY days. I left my flat a little early so that I could go to Waterstones (there are perks living right above the mall) so I could buy the paperback version of Klara and the Sun. I had finished reading it and returned it to the library the day before and I loved it, so I had to buy a copy of my own. Besides, look at the colored sides!

At 10:45, Ariëlle and I met at the NextBike stand by the train station so we could rent bikes and get to campus quicker (it’s free for University students! Plus, biking>walking). We made it to campus in time for our first class of the day: Publishing Project! During class we worked on finishing up our big projects that we’ve been working on since last semester and had the chance to ask our professor any last-minute questions.

After class, several of us headed to get food at Studio, a restaurant on campus. After a quick lunch, we moved down to Starbucks, where there were even more classmates doing homework. I got a latte, packaged up my project, and officially submitted it! I created a 20-page magazine about self-love and eating disorder recovery! (I’m selling digital copies to raise money for my Kilimanjaro Climbemail me if you’re interested!)

Then I spent a couple of hours working on my next assignment for Digital Publishing! It was stressing me out but I finished that part and only had one section left, so I felt hopeful.

At 4:30, I had my second class of the day: Digital Publishing. Sarah, Abigail, and I walked to class, only to leave the classroom for a walk. Our content this week was about location-based storytelling, and we used an app that used your location to play specific audio files. Our professor sent us around campus to test it out before we tried it ourselves for our assignment. It was nice to leave the classroom, although warmer weather would have been more appreciated (thanks Scotland).

After class I met up with Ariëlle, Bailey, and Cat back at Studio, where they were having drinks to celebrate turning in an assignment. The drinks had weird little chickens on them that made me laugh. Then we took the bus back into town and I genuinely cannot remember how I spent my evening.

Tuesday 5 April

Tuesday I was up early at 6:45 so I could leave my flat at 7:15 and make the walk to work and clock in by 8:00am. I have a part-time job at Tim Hortons and my feelings about it are along the lines of “I don’t want to work but I need money to afford buying coffee” so that’s where we are. I worked 8-5pm, so a nine hour shift. I’d been trained on drinks and making food, but had never taken orders before. My manager decided to train me on the register, so I spent the whole shift taking drive thru orders! It wasn’t as difficult as I expected, nor was it as bad. One lady even asked me if I was from Canada because of my accent- I guess it fits the Tim Hortons image.

I got off work and made myself a coffee to go, and then I got the free bus back into town so I didn’t have to walk home in the rain. Even though the evening was still young, I immediately put on pajamas when I got home and spent the rest of the day watching YouTube and reading. It was a nice, relaxing night.

Wednesday 6 April

Another day, another shift, another dollar. I walked thirty minutes to work and was there 8-5 again, all day on drive thru order taking. More people asked me if I was from Canada and the shift went by fairly quickly! Our goal was speed and we succeeded in being the second fastest store in Scotland for most of the morning!

After taking the bus home, I got changed, swung by McDonalds for dinner, and walked to Ariëlle’s house! I ate dinner with her, Bailey, and Sarah, and we attempted to get homework done. Of course, this consisted of some homework and lots of conversations, but after a long day, I was okay with not getting much done. To end the night, we watched the next episode of De Mol, a Belgian game show that feels like a mix of Survivor and Among Us. This was only week three, but I’m enjoying watching it! It also helps me feel like I’m learning at least some Dutch from Duo Lingo.

Thursday 7 April

Typically on Thursdays we bike to campus, but it was cold and rainy, so the bus it was! My Publishing, Literature, and Society class had scheduled a tour of our University’s Printing Press, which was super cool! We learned the history of press printing and even got to press something ourselves. We had a little break, and then our last PLS class of the semester, AKA, my last University class EVER. Wild.

After class, I had a book exchange with other students from my program! We organized one last semester as well, and decided to continue the end-of-semester tradition. I got to gift Ginny a book this time, and I chose to give her Misery by Stephen King- which I hadn’t finished annotating yet at the time of the exchange, uh oh (shout out to Ginny for being so understanding!). The person who drew my name wasn’t there, but I received The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling in the post a couple of days later, which I’m so excited to read!

After gifting our books, some of us stayed in the Atrium for several hours. I ate a delicious vegan pizza for lunch and then spent my time trying to finish Misery so I could give it to Ginny before I left campus (which I succeeded in doing!). The last bit of the book is intense, let me tell you. It was fun hanging out with my classmates, hopefully I’ll get to see them more over the summer semester as we write our dissertations!

After a while, Ariëlle, Bailey, and I left to go to the gym. We weren’t feeling weights, so we decided to have a cardio day. Bailey and I stuck with the treadmills, and even though I didn’t run that much, I feel much stronger and was able to run more than I did last time I ran (which was a while ago). We did some ab exercises before leaving and catching the bus home!

Back at my flat, I wanted a very chill evening, so Jagriti and I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, which was my first Studio Ghibli movie! It was so cute I loved it, and I loved hanging out with Jagriti after such a busy week!

Friday 8 April

I took Friday morning very slowly, which was much needed after a week of early mornings. I slept in, made myself breakfast, and relaxed before leaving my flat after lunch and heading to Ariëlle’s flat with Bailey. I tried to focus on my homework but ultimately got distracted by Spotify, Snapchat filters, and anything but my Google Doc. I did manage to get some written for my essay, though!

We took a coffee break and then Jagriti joined us! We spent some time discussing Rupi Kaur and performing our own “slam poetry”- basically anything to avoid opening our laptops again.

The sun was shining and we were getting hungry, so we headed towards the back walk to go to Sainsburys for dinner ingredients. We stopped in the Cemetery on the way back for a casual photoshoot (no disrespect). For all my non-UK readers, the flowers in the photo below are everywhere right now and it’s even more beautiful than it looks.

For dinner, Ariëlle made us some cauliflower nuggets, which is ironically also something we ate in my last semester blog post. We drank the rest of our Black Balsam from Latvia (mixed with wine) and watched Vine compilations for the duration of our meal. Truly a vibe.

After eating, we moved the party into the living room, where we danced to music song-by-song as we requested them to Alexa. I’m not completely sure what’s in that Latvian alcohol but we were feeling it at least a little- enough to energize us in our dancing for a while. Jagriti, Bailey, and I left late at night and walked home and I crashed immediately once I made it to my room.

Saturday 9 April

Saturday was a very chill day and I only left my flat once for five minutes! I got up in the morning and worked on my digital publishing assignment. I finished the last task I needed to complete, with left me with only a little writing to do. To celebrate I started re-watching Avatar the Last Airbender while eating lunch. After eating, I joined Jagriti in the living room where I cleaned up a little bit. Jagriti made us whipped coffee and we watched K-pop music videos for a little while before starting homework again. I finished writing my reflection essay and gave up for the rest of the day.

By then we were getting hungry, so we put on our shoes and ran downstairs to Sainsbury’s Local for bread, chips, and bagels. We made dinner (a simple sandwich for me) and hot chocolate and watched My Neighbor Totoro together. Another adorable Studio Ghibli movie!

Sunday 10 April

After a refreshing Saturday, I was ready to be social again on Sunday! I met up with Ariëlle, Bailey, and Abigail at HBW for a cute little pre-submission brunch! I love HBW, and they have delicious vegan pancakes!

We ate good food, drank sweet coffee, and even got to pet the most adorable dog that was sitting next to us. It was such a nice time just enjoying each other’s company without worrying about assignments, and I always love a good opportunity to dress up and wear my Taylor Swift cardigan.

After eating, we got some donuts to go and headed up to Ariëlle’s flat for another afternoon of homework. I got started on my publishing, literature, and society essay and then distracted myself by making a Spotify playlist full of country music throwbacks that reminded me of my childhood. It’s not my fault Abigail mentioned “Mr. Mom” and sent me into a spiral!

I managed to get some things written and began research for my essay, which is on posthumous publishing. We took a break after a couple of hours to eat our donuts from HBW, take some cute Polaroid pictures, and drink some more coffee. A few hours of homework later, Iiris made us vegan fajitas, which were delicious! We didn’t stay as late as we did the night before, but we headed back home after dark and after a long day of homework!

I actually can’t believe this semester is already over. At the time of posting this, I’ve already submitted my last two assignments, which means the only thing I have left of my Masters program is my dissertation this summer! There is a ton to look forward to this summer, between concerts, traveling, and picnics in the park. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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