February in Scotland

In the blink of an eye, another month living in Scotland has come and gone! Just a few short days from now will mark six whole months that I’ve been in the country and I have loved building a life here with friends, go-to coffee shops, and favorite walks (on the rare days where Mr. Blue Sky reveals himself). I haven’t written on this blog in a while, so I thought I’d post a little update about what I’ve been up to this month!

Movie and Dinner Nights

When life is overwhelming with school and responsibilities, the simplest things always seem the sweetest. Evenings in with friends are the best: making dinner, dancing in the kitchen, watching movies, playing PhotoRoulette, etc. It reminds me that the best things in life don’t have to do with school or work, but who you spend time with.


I haven’t talked about it yet on this blog, but I’m taking part in a challenge with other students from my school through Dig Deep Africa- The Kilimanjaro Challenge! We’re currently working on raising money and will be climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa over the summer! It’s such an exciting (and scary) opportunity, but before I can conquer the mountain, I have to conquer the fundraising aspect. This month I hosted (and attended) a few events, but I’m still only at the 5% mark, so March will contain much more! (If you’re interested in donating, check out my page here)

Boba Fett and K-Dramas

One of my current favorite activities is watching TV with Jagriti! We watched The Book of Boba Fett together every Wednesday morning and are currently almost finished with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, which is an adorable K-Drama that I am obsessed with. Jagriti has also been getting me into BTS, so we spend many evenings watching BTS videos together, often accompanied by coffee or food.


We finally got snow in the last month of winter! It snowed several times but only managed to stick once, which was a lovely surprise to wake up to (even though it was slush by the evening). Winter in Scotland is cold, wet, and brutal- Mother Nature could at least give us some pretty snow to help us deal with it all!

A Rainy Day in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is definitely one of my favorite places in the world. Something about it draws me in, and any day spent there is a good day. A prime example: I went into the city with some friends on a random Saturday and it was COLD and RAINING all day long but it was such a beautiful day, it made me very happy. We got coffee (and vegan donuts), spent time at the National Museum of Scotland (my favorite), had delicious hot chocolate, visited a local bookstore, and… got piercings. ~Surprise~ I have my septum pierced again! Sorry dad!

Coffee Dates

I love coffee shops!! In February I spent lots of time in several of them, doing homework, hanging out with friends, and reading. I have my favorites in town and nothing beats a quiet afternoon cozied up with a hazelnut oat milk latte.

Climbing Dumyat

I made my first climb up Dumyat in October and didn’t make my second ascent until this month, even though it’s right behind campus. It was very reassuring that this hike was much easier than the first time (I’m getting stronger!) although the top was just as freezing and windy. It was a nice morning, though, and a beautiful day!

New Routines

I’m constantly trying (and failing) to establish solid routines, especially in the morning. Something that has stuck more than other things is my “eat a bagel in the morning while I read a short story from a collection” routine that I did this past month! It helped me get out of bed, enforced me eating breakfast, and had me read short stories and poetry I wouldn’t have read otherwise!

Valentines Celebrations

My friends had a plan to do a big Galentines Brunch on 14 February, but then several people had covid scares, so we decided to cancel it. We had already purchased all the food, however, so my flatmates, Bailey, and I made a little lunch anyway! Then later I met Ariëlle outside to read Good Omens together (we annotated copies for each other!) and watch the sunset. It ended up being a super fun day, even though it didn’t go according to plan!

A couple of other fun Valentines things: even though our Galentines group didn’t meet up, we had a secret Santa type gift exchange! Jagriti was my secret Galentine and got me beautiful flowers (that are somehow still alive??), a dinosaur stuffed animal, and the sweetest card that made me cry. I also received a surprise Taylor Swift cardigan in the mail from my mom, which I had no idea was coming? A new prized possession.

Taylor Swift Club Night

Months ago, some friends and I bought tickets for a Taylor Swift club night in Glasgow! A whole evening of nothing but Taylor Swift- a dream come true! We traveled into Glasgow and dropped our stuff off and pre-gamed at Molly’s dad’s house (shoutout to him for letting us crash there) before taking the train into the city and to the club! It was such a fun night- I screamed and danced for hours straight, my throat is still recovering. It was such a fun night and I will never forget it!

February of course wasn’t a perfect month- I experienced a lot of stress and struggled with my mental health. However, I know that when I look back, I’ll fondly remember all the beautiful moments I spent with friends, the delicious food I ate, and dancing to Taylor Swift until 3am. Thank you, February for the memories! I have a lot of hope for March- particularly hope for better weather.

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