My 2021 Digital Bullet Journal

In 2021, I fell in love- with bullet journaling! I’ve always loved the idea of bullet journaling, and I even attempted it for a few months in 2018. However, having a physical bullet journal stressed me out: when I messed up, it was almost impossible to fix it, and having creative ideas but the lack of artistry to accomplish those ideas made things difficult. However, after being gifted an iPad from my parents as an undergrad graduation present, I knew this was the time to try it out digitally!

Having a digital bullet journal allows me to combine my obsessiveness with documenting everything I do with the need to stay organized. Every month, I built monthly spreads where I kept track of the media I consumed (music, books, and movies/TV) and weekly spreads to track my daily schedules, to-do lists, and photos. I also have a few pages at the front of my journal where I’ve been keeping track of things in a yearly sense, and it’s been so fun filling it out as the year goes on!

A few notes: I have an iPad 7th generation and an iPad Pencil. I use the GoodNotes app, and any photos that don’t belong to me come from Pinterest. Some bullet journal spread ideas come from Pinterest, but some I came up with on my own! The GoodNotes app is great, because it’s basically a Notebook that allows you to do whatever you want. I also use it to keep a journal and notebooks for school.

With my bullet journal being over 200 pages, I won’t show everything, but here are some highlights and favorite pages:

Yearly Spreads

Instead of general “New Years Resolutions”, I like creating quarterly goals. They’re shorter and more attainable, and they’re easier to keep track of since I have shorter time to accomplish them.

I made a classic books Bingo and a classic movies bingo this year, with the help of my brother, Briar. I did not get very far on the book bingo, but I did purchase a copy of quite a few books on the list and hope to get to them next year! I was much more productive with the movie bingo, and doing this introduced me to some new favorites! I’m now obsessed with Jurassic Park, and Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

I attempted to grow out my hair this year, and I wanted to track the growth. Sometimes it feel like it was barely growing, but it saw quite a bit of growth (and hair color) this year. I shaved my head again early December, so the growth tracking stopped there, but it was fun while it lasted.

Monthly Spreads

My monthly pages have seen some change throughout the year, but they’ve remained fairly similar. In the beginning of the year, I liked to decorate and theme my pages off my current obsessions. Later in the year, once I was going to school full-time and had more going on, I tried to add more goals, a better calendar, and some photo inspiration.

I’m obsessed with the concept of Spotify Wrapped, so I decided to do it every month by keeping track of my most-played songs each month! It was so fun watching the songs and artists change as I discovered more (and as my favorite artists released new music).

I also love books and movies, so I used my bullet journal to keep up with the books I read and the movies/TV shows I watched each month., along with short reviews of everything.

At the end of each month, I created a “month in review” page for pictures, memories, and my favorite things! I love making these and they make me so happy to look back on.

Weekly Spreads

My weekly spreads are the pages that have changed the most throughout the year. The wonderful thing about digital bullet journaling is that it’s easy to change the way things look as my needs and life changes! I started with one design in January, then realized how important it was for me to have space to put pictures each week. I found a design I loved and kept it up until I started my masters program in September- then I needed much more space each day to keep track of my to-do lists and memories. Looking back now, it’s almost like a journal!

Once I started my masters program, I started spreading my pages out more. Each week, I have a weekly spread where I keep track of various things (it changes almost every week). Then, I have two days per page, giving me plenty of space for everything I need! I’m loving this new system and I think I’ll definitely continue it through the end of my program next year.

I have loved keeping a bullet journal through the year, and I’m proud of myself for keeping it going! Now I have a big digital file of my entire year to look back on, and I can’t wait to see everything I create in 2022!

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