A Week in My Life: Fall 2021 Semester

I love writing “week in my life” posts for seasons of my life, because I know that life changes so quickly. I love having a snapshot of what my life was like so I can look back and romanticize it. I’ve been planning on writing a post like this all semester, and then I realized that this past week was the LAST week of the semester (I genuinely don’t know how that happened) and it was my last chance, so here we are!

Monday 6 December

I woke up Monday morning and immediately after getting ready, I broke into my vegan advent calendar. I love getting chocolate every morning and I wish this was something that could happen every day of the year.

There’s nothing special about my morning routine at the moment- I got dressed, took some vitamin D, ate my chocolate, and managed to make it out the door to catch the 9:29 bus to campus. I rode the bus with my friends Cat, Bailey, and Ariëlle, and then we found a table in the Atrium on campus. Monday mornings we have our online class, Publishing Project, but we meet up to get a sense of actually being in class. This was our last Publishing Project class of the semester, so we talked about our big assignment for next semester and shared some logos we made. Poor Ariëlle got a nosebleed in the middle of class, but that’s really the only super interesting thing that happened. Then we sat at our table for several hours working on homework, reading, and throwing paper at each other. I bought a very messy sandwich from “Sup” on campus and watched Parks and Rec while I ate.

Later in the afternoon, Bailey, Ariëlle, and I walked through the pouring rain to get to the gym. Since I got a new tattoo on Saturday, I couldn’t exercise, so I walked on the treadmill for 50 minutes while my friends actually worked hard. I watched a Little Mix interview to keep myself entertained. Then we caught the bus back to the city center. Ariëlle ran into Tesco with me so I could get some nutritional yeast, which was very exciting. At home I cooked dinner, mushrooms and potatoes which has become a new comfort food as of late.

Around 8:00pm, Bailey, Ariëlle, and I met back up to walk to The Vue, a cinema in town. We watched Boxing Day to support our girl, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and it was a cute cheesy Christmas movie! I also got vegan Ben and Jerry’s, because The Vue is awesome.

Tuesday 7 December

Tuesday morning did not quite go as planned. I got up and had the exciting idea to make myself pancakes and hot chocolate and watch Parks and Rec by the Christmas tree, but I screwed up somewhere down the line and my pancakes tasted disgusting. Too much baking soda, I think. So I drank my hot chocolate and then went for a five minute walk to Greggs, my favorite place. I got a vegan festive bake for breakfast and a vegan ham and cheese sandwich, which I saved for lunch.

I was stressed about a lot of things, and I had decided a few nights before that I was going to re-shave my head. So that morning I went to Boots and bought a razor, then came back home, ate my Greggs, and shaved my head. I realized after that it had been exactly one year since I started growing my hair out. One year of hair growth in the trash, and a fresh bald head. Honestly, I immediately felt more like myself as soon as my head was bald again. It was the right decision.

Soon after, Bailey came over so we could attend our online class, Content Management, together. We were paired into a discussion group together, so I ate my Greggs sandwich while we talked about books. Once class was over, Ariëlle had arrived as well, and my flatmate Jagriti made everyone warm chi. We had originally planned to go into Edinburgh that night, but it was cold, rainy, and windy, so we cancelled our trip and decided to stay in all evening. We read our books, took Snapchat photos, and laughed all evening long.

Jagriti made fried rice, which they gracefully shared with me, and Cat made chocolate cake (vegan!) which was delicious. We made stupid TikTok videos and played HeadsUp. It was a really chill night, but it was a lot of fun!

Wednesday 8 December

It was very nice waking up Wednesday morning and not having to worry about messy hair.

I planned on making breakfast before catching the bus for class, but there were university people in the kitchen, so I decided to go to Greggs for another vegan festive bake. I promise I don’t usually go there this often. Then I caught the bus to campus and listened to Queen the whole ride.

This semester, I only had one class in-person: Publishing Dynamics on Wednesday mornings! I sat next to Ariëlle and we had a very thrilling discussion about our future dissertations and our next poster assignment. After class, I walked with some friends to Studio, a restaurant on campus!

We ate lunch at Studio, talking about the past semester, our winter break plans, and somehow Disney World. After chatting for a while so the food could settle, Ariëlle, Bailey, and I went back to the gym. Same thing as before, I still couldn’t sweat on my tattoo so I stuck to the treadmill just to get some movement into my day. I watched Kurtis Conner videos on YouTube as I walked and cracked up several times out loud. After the gym, we got the bus back to city center and went to our own houses for dinner.

After eating and relaxing at home for a while, I met Bailey back at the bus stop so we could head to Bridge of Allan for a movie night with Abigail! Our bus never came, so we stood outside in the cold rain for thirty minutes until the next bus came. Ariëlle met us on the bus and we made it to Abigail’s house! We watched New Moon, providing lots of commentary and laughing at the sad parts. We also cheered for Michael Sheen when his big scene came on.

It was a very chill movie night and was much needed! Snacks, drinks, friends, and Twilight always make for the most perfect evenings.

Thursday 9 December

Thursday morning I awoke with determination. I spent hours in the living room, drinking coffee and finishing annotating a book that I read as a gift for a loved one. That took up most of my morning time, so by the time I ate lunch and got dressed, I needed to head to Bailey’s house for our last meeting of the semester! We had a program-wide “Christmas Quiz” to celebrate, and Bailey, Ariëlle, Cat, and I were a team. The quiz was very hard and we ended in last place but it was fun stressing about answers with friends XD

After the meeting, I headed back to my flat, stopping in the mall for some socks and Christmas wrapping paper. I spent some time relaxing in my flat, loosing track of time. Then at 6, I rushed to get ready so Cat, Bailey, and I could be at the bus stop on time. Of course, the bus was late, but we eventually made it to a restaurant called The Birds & Bees for our MLITT Publishing Christmas Dinner! It was so nice seeing almost everyone in the program, and we stood around talking for a while before sitting down for dinner. The vegan options were very tasty and felt very fancy. I also did my first “Christmas Cracker”- three of them actually, and I lost every time. But Ariëlle was nice enough to give me one of her paper crowns, so I felt like royalty.

Then we did our secret Santa book exchange- I gave Izzy an annotated copy of Anxious People, and Ginny gave me Wishbone, which looks like a really cool memoir that I’m excited to read! After eating, we stood around talking and taking pictures since we were all dressed up. So many people were leaving in the next few days for the winter holiday, so it was really sad to say goodbye to them.

Molly was super nice to give me, Abigail, and Ariëlle a ride home after we hung out at the restaurant for a while. And then I went into my room and stayed up far too late, as I always do. It was a very fun night, though, and we all had negative covid tests before meeting up!

Friday 10 December

Friday was my first morning with absolutely no school to worry about- the first official day of break! I still have an assignment due next week, but that will come with time.

Friday morning was a very slow-starting day. I wrote some Christmas cards and eventually made it to the kitchen to make lunch (tofu scramble)! I cooked and ate while watching Parks and Rec, then got dressed for the day. It looked very nice outside, but I stayed in working on various things- reading, my blog, DuoLingo, and of course, TikTok. Grades were posted for a big paper I submitted a couple of weeks ago, so of course looking at that and messaging classmates took up an hour of my time.

Ariëlle came over and we sat in the living room with Jagriti, working on our next assignment and getting distracted talking. I managed to get a little bit of work done, but it was fun just hanging out! Once it got later, Ariëlle and I walked to Tesco to buy essentials for a movie night.

We carried our wine and chocolate to Molly’s house, stuck our pizzas in the oven, popped a bottle of rosé, and talked about the semester and winter break. Then we settled in to watch The Grinch, which has more adult jokes than I realized. We stayed for several hours, talking and laughing about anything and everything.

Saturday 11 December

Saturday was another slow morning of reading and writing Christmas cards. I ate a late breakfast of cereal before heading out of the house. I went to a few stores in Stirling, purchasing various things and listening to a Spotify playlist of music from Guitar Hero 3. It was rainy and cold but I enjoyed the alone time and wish I had more money so I could buy everything for my friends and family.

I ended up at the Book Nook, one of my favorite local coffee shops that is also a bookstore. I had my heart set on purchasing a used Michael Crichton novel they’ve had for several weeks, but I got a delightful surprise to find they had recently got in a LARGE book that contains THREE Michael Crichton novels that I don’t own- for £6!! I almost didn’t get it because of how large it is, but I caved and bought a total of four books by my favorite author for £10- a steal! I also bought an oat milk latte and a vegan brownie. I sat down and read for a little over an hour, enjoying the vibes and my tasty treats.

I left the shop and walked towards the mall, listening to some new songs Ariëlle sent me (that I am now obsessed with, Gang of Youths is amazing, I recommend). I looked in a few stores in search of a flash drive, which I am not sure is a thing in Scotland because I could not find one. I stopped by Sainsbury Local to buy an onion before heading back up to my flat.

I organized the shelves in my room to fit my new Big Crichton Book, put my new coo ornament on our Christmas tree, then made dinner. I made my favorite lentil pasta, talking and laughing with Jagriti while it cooked. After eating, I washed my dishes, then spent the rest of the evening relaxing!

Sunday 12 December

Sunday I woke up determined to make the most of my day. I sat down and read for a while, working my way through another book annotated Christmas present. I ate leftover pasta for lunch pretty early, then spent a while practicing on Duolingo. Later, I walked to campus with Ariëlle, Ilse, and Luca. It’s an hour walk, but the weather was actually decent, so it was enjoyable! Once we got to campus, we went to the gym. It was leg day for me, so I did several exercises, ending with a few abs. I changed my music multiple times during the hour, I couldn’t settle on one album or artist. After working out, we walked back to the city, another hour walk. It was starting to get foggy and rainy, but I made it home before it got too bad!

I spent some time at home relaxing and working on things (not my assignment though, so it was productive procrastination). After it got dark at 4:00 (a fact that still makes me want to cry every day), Jagriti and I headed to the top of the town to Ariëlle’s house! She made us coffee and we started chatting in the living room, and Ginny joined us not long after! We talked for a while until we got hungry, and then we headed into the kitchen. We poured some wine and Ariëlle made us dinner while playing rock music on Spotify. We danced, drank, laughed, and then sat around the table to eat a delicious meal of cauliflower nuggets and bean chili. It was so delicious and such a fun night!

This week was a lot less school and a lot more socialising than normal, and it was a ton of fun! Movie and dinner nights with friends make the world go ’round, but now it’s time to get serious about my last big assignment of the semester before winter break. I’m loving my life in Scotland and I can’t wait to see what next semester holds!

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