A Year in Review: 2020

What YEAR. 2020. While it was a difficult year world-wide, I had a great year of growth, healing, and self-love. I truly don’t recognize the person I was a year ago, and I love who I’ve become. I feel more like myself than I ever have, and I accomplished so much this year. I adopted a cat, completed a couple internships, officially got divorced, learned to roller skate, shaved my head, started to find my style and great music, graduated college, and got accepted into my dream graduate program in SCOTLAND (2021 here I come). What a year. I’m so thankful. (This post has been sitting in my drafts for three months now… better late than never, right?)


The year started out great! I rang in 2020 with some friends, dyed my hair, adopted Octavia, and started a new semester, internship, and church. I was writing a lot of poetry and finally dealing with the grief I carried in a healthy way. I started dancing more and spent time with people who cared about it. It was a difficult month in many ways, and the days moved very slow, but it was great overall.


In February, I learned a lot about myself. I finally found self-love and spent a lot of time with friends and family. It was a very restorative month ❤


March started normal with on-campus events and spending time with my life group and friends. Then covid swept in and suddenly everything was cancelled. In the beginning of quarantine, I worked from home, watched all the Star Wars movies, and listened to the Frozen 2 soundtrack on repeat. Despite everything feeling crazy and unreal, I remained grounded and happy.


Another month of quarantine! I read quite a bit this month, but struggled to find motivation for school and work. Then I bought roller skates, turned 22, and shaved my head! I was alone all month, but I didn’t feel alone. I was still able to communicate with my friends and family (thanks internet!) and I honestly thrived in my solitude. I really started to love and feel happy with myself.


In May, I spent a lot of time roller skating (and even started a challenge on Instagram to skate every day), watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, and did some outdoors things with my family! I wasn’t working or doing school work this whole month, so it was very chill and honestly great.


In June, I bought a new car, went camping with my lifegroup for a weekend, hung out with Brenna, and, you guessed it: roller skated. It was a lot like May, just applying for jobs and enjoying my free time.


In July, I read a lot of books, spent a lot of time outside, skated some more, and *finally* got a job! Nothing too special happened this month, but something about it made it one of my favorite months of the year.


August was such a great month! I got to spend some time with friends and family, I dyed my hair purple, and started my last semester of undergrad at Missouri Southern! I started working at Panera, and going from doing nothing for months to working and going to school full time felt like a lot, but I think I handled the transition well enough!


September was such a great month! I went hiking multiple times and spent a lot of hours outside, wore lots of sweaters, dyed my hair green, and started listening to a lot of new and great music (like my new favorite band, COIN). This month had some bad days, of course, but it felt very happy overall.


In October, I read lots of books, did a lot with Sigma Tau Delta, continued stressing about school and the future, got new roller skates, and wore a few fun Halloween costumes!


November was the most stressful month of the year, but everything worked out in the end. I spent time doing things that make me happy, had lots of movie nights (Chey and I started our weekly virtual Christmas movie marathon), finished my last month of school, got accepted into graduate school, dyed my hair blue, and spent too much money on smoothies and food.


December was the perfect crazy month to round out a crazy year. I finished my finals, graduated from college (while wearing a face mask), moved out of my apartment and back home (temporarily), cuddled with a ton of cats, bleached my hair, spent lots of time with family, and got settled into new routines! I started drinking coffee and have found some new roller skating spots and I’m excited to see what the new year holds.

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