Two Years of Recording One Second Every Day

In January 2019, I challenged myself to record one second of my life every single day for a year using the One Second Everyday app. I had seen people do this years beforehand and thought it looked like fun. In 2020, I completed my second full year of this challenge, and I plan on doing it every year for the rest of my life.

I’m the type of person who loves documenting things. I love looking through old pictures and social media posts, remembering fun things I did with friends or what I was doing when I felt most confident and happy. Pictures are a great way to document things, but in the last couple of years, I have fallen in love with recording videos. Last year, I focused on recording a video a day for my One Second Everyday Project. This year, I got less nervous about people judging me and recorded multiple videos a day to document my life. Not only did I record the fun days with friends, but also the little parts of my days that make me happy- dancing to music alone, reading with my cat on my lap, cooking a delicious meal, driving at night with the windows down.

My One Second Everyday project has brought me so much joy during this year of uncertainty. While my videos don’t show me traveling and experiencing new places like I thought it would, it does show other things. In the 6.5 minute video, you watch me fall in love with myself. Days with friends (and a lot of days alone), learning to roller skate, shaving my head, dancing to new music, laughing- the amount of life in this year’s video fills my soul with so much light. When things get hard, I’m reminded to look for pieces of happiness. In quarantine when I was tempted to spend an entire day on TikTok, I was motivated to get outside or do something creative to film for my video. I see a lot of people say “If I did a one second every day video, it would be so boring!” but for me, it encouraged me to make my life more interesting. It also helped me see how beautiful my life already is.

A lot has changed between my 2019 video and my 2020 video. I’ve transformed into a better, happier version of myself. Honestly, my One Second Everyday project has helped me become more confident and less afraid to be silly in public. A year ago I would have been embarrassed to set my phone down and dance in public, but today not only would I consider it- I’d do it without hesitation!

Along with my daily videos, I also put together a freestyle video of all the books I read this year. I already document the books I read through my Goodreads profile, but this project was so fun to put together and watch at the end of the year. I plan on doing it again in the coming year. I also want to record a freestyle video of me dancing every day, or maybe I’ll record short clips every time I feel beautiful or confident.

I encourage everyone to attempt this challenge. It might be hard to remember to film something every day, but before you know it, it becomes a habit! And in a year, you’ll have a 6.5 minute video of an entire year of your life- hopefully it’s a year you’ll never forget! Last year I made a blog post full of tips for those wanting to attempt this challenge themselves- you can find that here.

Are you going to try filming one second every day? Let me know down below, or link your own video if you were successful!

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