Shaving my Head, Learning to Roller Skate, and other Quarantine Things

2020 has been a year like no other. I never thought that right when I was starting to spend more time with friends and family that I would then have to social distance from everyone, but here we are. I’m an introvert, so staying alone in my apartment for weeks on end isn’t as bad as it could be, but I’ve definitely had my struggles. School is stressing me out because I can’t seem to find motivation to do anything. My internship at Leggett & Platt was cut short and I’ve had to cancel two trips. Being alone comes with its own issues, like feeling lonely, anxious, and unproductive.

It hasn’t been all bad, though. I’ve learned a lot about myself and have had good days. I’ve been reading more and spending more time with my cat, Octavia. I’ve been able to slow down and think about what really matters.

I’ve always treated my blog as a public diary. We are currently living through something so crazy, and I wanted to document what I’ve been up to so that I can look back in the future and remember the good things about the months in quarantine.

I started running… and then stopped because I got shin splints.

I got too excited and increased my mileage too quickly and started feeling deep pain in my shins a couple weeks in. It got pretty bad and I had to ice my legs, it hurt to walk. It’s been about five weeks since I stopped running, I’m hoping I can (slowly) get started again soon.

I had a Star Wars marathon.

One of the only things that kept me going at the beginning of quarantine was my Star Wars marathon. I watched through all of the movies in order (except for The Rise of Skywalker since it wasn’t on Disney+ yet) and looked forward to it every day. Thoughts: I think The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite, I am in love with Rogue One, and I still like the prequels (sorry not sorry).

Now I’m starting the Clone Wars series, which I’ve never watched before. I’m only a couple episodes in but I’m really enjoying it, I’m excited to watch it all the way through.

I worked from home for a few weeks and am finishing my last spring semester online.

Once in-person classes were cancelled mid-March, I knew it was time to get serious about the virus and stay home. I started working from home for my internship at Leggett & Platt that next week, and the rest of my office followed suit. That lasted for a few weeks, but then the office closed down and my internship ended a month early.

I’ve honestly been really lucky with my classes going online. My professors have been awesome and understanding that this is a stressful time. I’ve only had to do one Zoom meeting, and the rest of my classes adapted to a “work at your own pace” style. I’m finishing up final projects now, which is stressful, but I’m managing. I miss my classmates and friends and I’m so sad for the seniors who are missing their final days. I can’t believe that after next week, I’ll only have one semester of undergrad left.

I baked bread (and that’s about it)

I ran out of bread pretty quickly early in quarantine (and every time I buy more it only lasts about 3-4 days) and I was feeling desperate, so I made my own! I found a pretty easy recipe on Pinterest and already had all the ingredients. It turned out pretty good, just a little crunchy on the outside because my oven doesn’t work the best, but it wasn’t bad! Other than the bread, I haven’t been doing much cooking or baking. I’ve stuck to super simple and easy “meals”, mostly due to a lack of motivation.

I’ve read a lot

At the beginning of the semester, I fell behind with reading because I was so busy. In April, though, I was able to complete many books and find joy in reading again. I love reading outside, and of course my couch. In the last few weeks, I’ve covered classics, dystopian, and YA, and my brother just lent me some Stephen King, so I’m entering new territory.

I’ve enjoyed videochats and game nights

Even though it sucks being apart from my friends and family, technology helps us stay connected! I’ve had a few game nights with my family through Zoom, as well as video chats with my life group, friends, and Disney roommates! Brenna and I even watched Onward together while apart!

Octavia and I have annoyed each other (a lot)

If I’ve learned anything during quarantine, it’s that my cat is a brat but I still love her with my whole heart. She’s been acting spoiled when it comes to her food, and she drives me crazy when she’s doing dumb things and ignores me when I yell at her. But I also annoy her by picking her up and being loud when she’s trying to sleep, so we’re even. I’ll go straight from yelling at her to telling her she’s adorable and that I love her.

I bought roller skates

I’ve been spending a lot of time on TikTok, and while scrolling through my “For You” page, I came across a girl roller skating and looking super carefree and happy. I fell down a rabbit hole of roller skating videos and then decided I wanted to learn how to skate. It was almost my birthday so my mom bought me a pair and I splurged on safety gear. I’m still very obviously a beginner but I’m learning more every day. I recently hurt my wrist by catching myself from falling, but I finally have all the correct safety gear so hopefully I won’t get injured anymore. It has been a lot of fun, though, and I can’t wait until I can dance around like the TikTok girls!

I turned 22

Celebrating my birthday in quarantine is not what I was planning, but it is what it is! I played “22” by Taylor Swift multiple times and ate a lot of vegan cupcakes, and I received deliveries from friends that put a huge smile on my face. I felt so loved.

I shaved my head


No, I didn’t shave my head because of my divorce or because I’m having a mental breakdown (honestly, I’m doing well). I did it because I wanted to. I’ve never liked my hair and I’ve always struggled with finding “my look” so I thought, why not shave it all off and start from there?

Doing it was hilarious and I’m thankful I recorded it so that I can always look back and laugh at me breaking into song while shaving my head. I honestly love it and am feeling more confident and free. I shaved it to one length originally and then cut it a little shorter a few days later and it’s great.

Quarantine so far has been wild. I’m so grateful I have a safe place to live and ways to stay connected with my loved ones. I’ve gotten to know myself better throughout this whole process, and it will be interesting to see how the rest of it will go. I have no idea how long quarantine will last, but I’m just gonna keep skating, loving my hair head, annoying Octavia, and enjoying the time I have to do what makes me happy.

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