Tips for Recording One Second of Every Day in 2020

In 2019, I embarked on a challenge I had been seeing around the Internet for a while: record a one second video every day for a year. The end result is a roughly six minute montage of your life- the good, the bad, the boring, and the memorable. I thought this looked cute and had been considering doing it for a while. At the beginning of 2019, one of my best friends mentioned wanting to do it, and I decided, why not? I loved partaking in this challenge, and I absolutely adore the finished product.

If you’re considering doing 1 Second a Everyday for the coming year, I encourage you to go for it! Most of 2019 was a great year, and I honestly believe that I look at it so fondly because of this challenge. It’s much easier to remember the simple, everyday things that make life beautiful, and it’s a fun way to document trips, birthdays, and other fun days throughout the year.

Curious about attempting the challenge but not sure where to start? Here are some tips that I’ve compiled after a year of recording a second of each day:

Download the “1 Second Everyday” app

This probably seems like such a simple step, but this app has been so helpful. Some people may want to just record videos and clip and mash them on their own, which is an option, but the app makes everything so much easier. It’s designed very well and makes the prospect of recording a video every day much less daunting. It’s also fun to keep up with the app’s Instagram and community!

Record videos out of the app and then import it later

The app gives you the option to record videos within it and stick it on your timeline from there. This may seem easier, but I like recording longer videos from my phone’s camera and going back in later. This gives you more options and makes it easier to create a montage you love.

Also, if you have an iPhone, the app gives you the option of using Live Photos as your one second clip. This is a great option as well!

Film multiple videos throughout the day

There are some days I only record one short video, which means that’s my only option for that day’s second. On the days where I record many things, I have more options. Sometimes it’s difficult choosing between videos, but I’d much rather have multiple solid choices than one mediocre one.

Record every day life

It’s tempting to only record the super fun things you do that make it look like you have the most amazing life- which is great. But don’t ignore the days where you’re just living your life. Clips with everyday things- like breakfast, your cat sleeping, snow falling outside the window- help you appreciate the beauty in what you might normally call a “boring” life. Life isn’t boring- use this challenge as a chance to embrace that.

Partake in challenges throughout the month

I’ve seen videos where people strive to film something specific every day for a month. For example, in the month of February, some people try to make each day contain something red or pink. Other people film themselves giving someone a high-five every day. Monthly challenges like this don’t only look cool, but it helps you think outside the box and unleash your creativity.

Use Freestyle

Another great feature of the app is that you can have multiple projects going at once. The Freestyle Timelines give you the chance to put many videos together in any way you’d like. This past year, I used it to mash together videos I had recorded during my four-day trip to Walt Disney World. In the coming year, I am going to document all the books I read using a Freestyle Timeline. This is a great way to track progress or express your creativity!

Try something new

Let this challenge motivate you to try new things. Yes, it’s good to put simple, every day life things in your video. But do you want every second for a month to just be you watching Netflix? Get out there and do something fun! Go to an event in your community that you never would have gone to, try a new restaurant, hang out with a new friend.

Be kind and patient with yourself

Do NOT beat yourself up if you forget to film something- this is about documenting your life, and life gets hectic. You’re doing this for YOU, so it’s okay to not be perfect- no one is asking you to be.

Don’t compare your videos to others’

Whatever you do, do NOT watch other montages and convince yourself that your life is boring because of what you see on others’ videos. Let others motivate you, but do not let them tear you down. Remember that you are only seeing a SECOND of someone’s life- we have 86,400 of those every day!

Stuck on what to record? Here are some simple everyday things you can record for your one second clip:

  • Cooking dinner
  • Playing with a pet
  • Riding in a car listening to music (Be safe!)
  • Dancing in your room
  • Reading a book
  • Doing a chore like making your bed
  • Working out (doing a yoga pose is always fun)
  • A mirror selfie (show off that outfit!)
  • A loved one laughing
  • Your laptop at work or school

Mix it up, have fun, and remember: this is to capture memories for yourself, not to show off your life on social media. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s, and make 2020 the best year yet. Also, don’t forget to share your videos with the 1 Second a Day Instagram page with the hashtag #1seme for a chance to be featured and win a prize every month! (Not sponsored, though I’m not against the idea)

For some more inspiration, here are a couple of my friends’ 1 second everyday montages from 2019:

@happy_lil_sunflower on Instagram
@brennakellem on Instagram

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