Seattle Travel Diary: Exploring the Emerald City

For fall break this year, I decided to take a trip by myself to the Pacific Northwest. I had never been to Washington before, and I really wanted to see Seattle, so I saved up some money and headed out! Two of my four days in the area I spent exploring the city and doing typical tourist stuff, and the other two days I explored neighboring national parks. This blog post will be about the two days I spent in the city of Seattle.

Friday, October 11, 2019

After catching my 6:30 am flight in Kansas City, I landed in Seattle around 8:30 am Pacific Daylight Time. It’s crazy that at 8 am, I had already been awake for over six hours!

My first solo-struggle was quickly realized when I tried to order a Lyft by myself and didn’t know where the pick-up point was. I had a moment of anxiety where I wanted to fall on the floor and just cry because I was so freaked out, but instead, I did some research and found the right place. My Lyft driver was super nice and after a short drive, I was at my Airbnb! I dropped my suitcase off and headed to the bus stop, which I was also surprised to figure out fairly quickly. In just one hour in a new city all alone, I figured out Lyft and the King County Metro.

My first stop was Pike Place Market! It was super crowded and smelled very strongly of dead fish, which is not my favorite smell. But it was cool to walk around and see the flower and vegetable stalls, and there were shops on lower levels that I meant to explore but never got around to. I was searching for a place called Cinnamon Works, which I finally found across the street from where I started. I got a vegan cinnamon roll (and a cookie for later) and found a place to sit down facing the water. The cinnamon roll was pretty tasty, but very sweet.

Ironically, I was feeling even more hungry after my cinnamon roll and decided that I needed a real meal. I went to a place called El Borracho (which I just learned means “the drunk” in Spanish, so that’s fun). They had a ton of vegan options which I was super excited about. I ended up getting some tacos and vegan queso, which really filled me up.

I walked closer to the water and toward Pier 55, where I scheduled an Argosy Cruise Tour as part of my City Pass (which I decided to buy and ended up saving quite a bit of money!). While waiting for my docking time, I walked around and looked in some gift shops. Then I got in line and boarded the ship.

The cruise was about an hour long, and we just drove up and down the coast of Seattle. Our tour guide told us a lot about the city and I learned a ton of interesting facts. It was a little chilly on the water but I really enjoyed it!

Because it was so clear (the clouds were being nice that day), I decided to take a cheap Lyft ride up to Kerry Park. My driver was freaking me out with his driving skills but I made it in one piece. The view from the park was amazing, and I could clearly see Mount Rainier in the distance.

I walked to Trader Joe’s about a mile away to get some food for my hike the next day, then took a bus back downtown for dinner. I ate at Veggie Grill, which is a chain restaurant where everything is VEGAN. I got mac and cheese and fries and charged my phone. It was a great meal.

It was starting to get dark, and I had been awake for many, many hours, so I took a bus back to my Airbnb. My first day in Seattle was a success!

Sunday, October 13

I woke up very tired and sore from hiking the day before. I was planning on getting breakfast downtown, but decided to sleep some more and head out a little later in the morning.

When I finally got up and got dressed, I caught a bus and went downtown. My first stop of the day was the Seattle Space Needle. I got there about thirty minutes early, and a line started forming ten minutes before the Needle opened. I got in line and was in one of the first elevators to the top.

When I stepped out on the top floor, my jaw dropped. Walking around, I got incredible 360 views of Seattle. I could see the city, the bay, and it was clear enough to see mountains in the distance. I stayed up there as long as I could (before it started getting too crowded) and fell even more in love with Seattle.

Then I went down a floor to the level with the glass floor. The Space Needle has the world’s only rotating glass floor, and it was so cool! I didn’t even feel nervous or dizzy looking down, just in awe of how beautiful the city was. All the trees are orange and red right now, so it looked even prettier.

When I said goodbye to the Space Needle, I headed right next door to my next City Pass attraction: The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. I walked through and looked at all the beautiful glass sculptures. The colors and designs were all so beautiful.

My favorite room was the all-glass room. With the light shining in and the view of the Space Needle above, I could have sat in there for a long time.

After walking through the garden part of the museum, I watched some videos about the process of creating the art, and it was super cool.

After the museum, I was starting to feel hungry. I walked a mile to a restaurant called Razzis Pizza. They have an entire vegan menu, and I had so many options I didn’t know what to do. I got an order of vegan mozzarella sicks, which were delicious. I also got a vegan calzone, which I wasn’t able to finish, I was so stuffed.

I got a bus back to the Space Needle and used my City Pass for entrance into the Museum of Pop Culture. I spent a couple hours exploring the different exhibits. It was nice being able to take my time and do things at my own pace since I was by myself.

One of my favorite exhibits was the Fantasy exhibit. There were a ton of costumes and props from movies like The Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter, which made me fan-girl a little bit.

There were exhibits with props from horror and science fiction movies as well. The whole museum was pretty cool, and I would love to go back another time.

My City Pass would have allowed me to go back up the Space Needle at night, which I really wanted to do, but I was so exhausted and sore that I couldn’t walk around anymore. I took a bus back to my Airbnb and relaxed until bed. I went to bed early so that I could get up in the morning for my next hiking adventure!

Seattle was such a beautiful city and I fell in love with it. Stay tuned for my next post about my days at Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks!

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