Fantasmic Toys and Rockin’ Rides at Hollywood Studios: Disney Reunion Day 3

For the final day of our Disney Reunion, Chey, Levi, Shane and I went to Hollywood Studios! DHS has changed a lot since Chey’s and my program, and we were super excited to explore Toy Story Land and see all the new experiences.

We decided to sleep in a little, so we didn’t get to the park until our first Fastpass at 10:30am. We rode Star Tours and got a couple scenes I had never seen before, which was exciting. Next, we met Olaf, who gave us such warm hugs.

The sky was starting to look rainy, so we headed to the Chinese Theater to take some pictures before it was too late. We got some good ones right before the sky opened up and started pouring. We ran halfway across the park for Muppet Vision 3D. After the show, the rain finally started to let up and we headed to a brand new land.

Chey and I were SO excited to see Toy Story Land for the first time. It opened the summer after our program ended, and we had seen so many pictures, but nothing prepared us for how AMAZING it was.

Everything is SO immersive, and the detail is incredible. I’m already looking forward to going back again ASAP. We ate lunch at Woody’s Lunch Box, where I had vegan grilled cheese (!!!) and tater tots. Next, we decided to wait in line for 45 minutes to ride Aliens Swirling Saucers. The line was HOT and the wait was long, but it was a pretty fun ride! I probably wouldn’t wait that long again for it, but it was worth it to do it once.

While in the Land, we HAD to stop by the legendary ball and snap a few pictures. It was so cute, and while there where people almost always in the way , it was a really great spot for photos.

We had some time before our Toy Story Mania FastPass, so we left Toy Story Land for a little bit. We stopped in the Incredibles section to take some pictures in front of the AMAZING new wall that I am obsessed with. Are you tired of pictures of me yet?

We went inside One Man’s Dream to escape the heat for a while. We looked at pictures and artifacts from Walt Disney’s life, then watched the cutest 10-minute movie about Uncle Walt himself. It was emotional.

Then it was time for Toy Story Mania! I put up a good fight, but Shane beat me by quite a lot (166,600 points vs 110,400). On our way out of the queue for the ride, we walked right into the Popsicle Wall, which was our next destination. Chey and I got some cute pictures together, and then we headed out of Toy Story Land for the second (yet not final) time.

We were starting to get hungry, which called for SNACKS. I got a Mickey Pretzel, and everyone else got a Nom Nom cookie from the Incredibles area.

We also met EDNA MODE who was amazing and so fabulous. We were star stuck in her presence.

We were getting super hot and tired again, so we headed across the park to the Frozen Sing-Along. It was so hilarious, I love the Royal Historians of Arendelle.

After the show, we were ready for some rides. Tower of Terror had a relatively short wait time, and we ended up getting on in about 20 minutes! Because we were on and off so fast, we still had time to wait until our Rockin Roller Coaster FastPasses, so we decided to try out the new Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy. It was a nice place to sit in the AC for a few minutes, and definitely not my least favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios. Then it was time for one of my favorite rides and our FastPass! Very thankful for the backstage passes.

I got some vegan ice cream after the ride and ate it as we headed back to Toy Story Land! The wait for Slinky Dog Dash had been over two hours all day, and it finally went down to an hour and a half, so we hopped in line! To distract ourselves, we played Heads Up, Disney Theme Park edition. We were getting super into it and people around us in line were watching us play. It actually helped the time move by super fast, and before we knew it, we were on the ride.

It’s not the most exciting coaster, but I enjoyed it! I probably wouldn’t wait that long again, but I would definitely ride it again!

Then it was time for FANTASMIC. Levi and I were hungry, so we went across the park to find food while Shane and Chey got us really great seats for the show. Levi and I carried our food to the stadium and ate while we jammed out to the pre-show music. The show was just as beautiful as ever, and I miss being able to watch it more often.

After the show, we did the Disney shuffle out to the parking lot where we waited for an Uber to take us to the Airbnb. I hate saying goodbye to Chey and to Disney, and I already miss everything about that trip so much. It was so good to be back with my roommates and I’m already looking forward to the next time we can make it back to Orlando.

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