Galactic Culture and Imagination at Epcot: Disney Reunion Day 2

Monday, August 12

On the second day of our DCP reunion, Lauren and Landon were headed to Animal Kingdom while the rest of us went to Epcot (aka the best Disney park on east coast). Since we were saying goodbye, we decided to have a farewell breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian resort!

I ordered the vegan Tonga toast which was AMAZING, and of course my staple food, potatoes. Breakfast was so fun- it was great just being with my friends, laughing and talking about who knows what.

Before it was time to say goodbye to Lauren and Landon, we walked down to the Polynesian beach to get a group picture. We stood there for a minute wondering how we were going to get a shot of everyone, when a hero appeared and offered to take one for us.

Chey, Levi, Shane and I planned on just hopping on the Monorail to get to EPCOT, but it was down (of course). After much confusion and misdirection, we finally found our way to the TTC (we waited for a bus only to discover there wasn’t a bus that drove straight to EPCOT, then we struggled to find the path to walk to the TTC from the Polynesian). It took too long, but it was very exciting to finally see the Monorail pull up and take us to my favorite park.

We got to EPCOT much later than we originally planned because of the whole transportation fiasco, but when we made it, the view of Spaceship Earth took all frustrations out of my mind. We had a Fastpass to ride the classic ride (for the first time of the day) and I got so emotional finally being back at my favorite place. We also continued my Epcot tradition picture- I hope to never stop the tradition.

After riding Spaceship Earth, we exited right at our next stop: The Bubblegum Wall! This is always such a difficult spot to get pictures (because people are continuously coming out of the ride) but we managed to get some really cute ones!

After stopping inside Mouse Gears to look around, we decided to get some photos in front of The Epcot Ball™ before we got super hot and sweaty (the humidity on this day was brutal). I’m so happy with the how the pictures turned out, especially the ones with Shane. Looking at them makes my heart hurt. I miss being at my happy place with my Person.

Chey and Levi went to buy something while Shane and I went by one last photo spot. The “Galaxy Wall” was put up soon after my College Program ended, so I had never seen it in person. We found it near Mission: Space where they’re building the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. I am SO excited for this ride based on my favorite Marvel movies, and the wall covering the construction is a new favorite as well!

Needing to escape the heat again, Shane and I met up with Chey and Levi at Club Cool. We all took a shot of the Beverly and had our favorite drinks one last time before it closes down for good. I’m definitely going to miss it’s presence next time I go to Epcot.

We were starting to get hungry around this time, so we headed to the Land for some air-conditioning and food! I grabbed some popcorn from a cart outside before heading in. After eating, we caught our Fastpass for Soarin’ and had a very fun flight.

Disappointed that Figment was closed, we took advantage of the short line to meet Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. It was so good to see them!

Then, it was time to explore the World Showcase! We started in Mexico, because that’s just what you do. For some reason, the Three Caballeros line was super long, but it was hot and Chey and I are obsessed with that ride, so we waited for it! I hope the rumor of it being replaced with Coco is fake, I’d be so sad if they took away my favorite duck’s ride.

As we walked around the World, we stopped in Germany so Chey could get some of her favorite food. We ended up sitting with an older man who talked to us for a good thirty minutes about his trip and life in general. He had extra dining plan credits, so he bought us cake and he was super sweet. After Germany, I had to stop at my favorite place along the World Showcase and take in the beautiful view.

We got a group picture in Morocco, and I tried some vegan sorbet from France! SUCH a yummy treat, I want ten more.

After finishing our trip around the world, we headed back to the front of the park to ride Spaceship Earth one last time. It’s about to close down for a couple years, so we had to say our proper goodbye. Chey and I sat together this time and talked about our favorite parts, reminiscing on when we used to ride it every week. I’m excited to see what new things they add to the ride, but I’m going to miss it.

When we got off, the skies had opened up and it was pouring. Chey and I put on our matching rain jackets and I wanted to cry because I love Florida rain and Epcot and Chey and everything about that day.

Next it was time for Figment! Journey into the Imagination with Figment was up and running again, so we headed there next. I’m thankful everyone was willing to ride their least favorite ride for me.

We rode my least favorite ride next- The Seas with Nemo and Friends. At least we did Turtle Talk with Crush afterwards! At first I was sitting there like “why do I like this again” and then funny stuff started happening and I couldn’t breathe. “That is your SON!” “I like to swim.”

It was starting to get dark, so we headed back to the World Showcase to the American Pavilion for Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Live! This show was just a summer thing, but I am SO glad we caught it during our trip. It was honestly one of the best Disney shows I’ve seen, I LOVED it. Star Lord and Gamora taught galactic musicians how to rock and roll- the Earth way. Boy did they ROCK. Great music, great performers, great effects- I was in love and had a big smile on my face the whole time.

We decided not to stay for Illuminations. We were exhausted, hot, and I had only seen the fireworks once and didn’t feel an emotional attachment to them. We walked back to the front of the park and almost died when our Uber finally picked us up. Back at our Airbnb, we hung out until we got too tired to stay awake.

After two days of going non-stop, we were so tired. My body was aching, and I don’t know of a time my shoulders ever hurt that much from carrying around my backpack. We still had one day left, though, and Hollywood Studios was going to be amazing! Epcot, thanks for the memories. I miss you ❤

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