My Internship Experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters

For the past twelve weeks, I have had the honor of interning with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jasper and Newton Counties. I worked with them for a class project during the spring semester, and they needed an intern over the summer, so I decided to stay!

This was a wonderful experience, and it was great to work for an awesome non-profit organization like BBBS. I was able to mold the internship to be what I needed to fit my major and portfolio, and I learned a lot about video, social media, and work in general.

This was my first official internship, and I thought I’d share a little about my experiences!

I worked 8:00am – noon, Monday through Friday, so 20 hours a week! It may not seem like a lot, but I wasn’t paid. Twenty hours a week added up quickly, especially when I still had to work my other two jobs to make money (we’re talking 50-60 total working hours each week, I’m exhausted). I had my own office and computer that I could work on, and had a great view of Downtown Joplin right out my window. Usually there was only one or two other people in the office, so it was very laid back.

One of my main tasks was running social media. I launched BBBS’s Instagram page and ran the Facebook account while I was there. I got a lot of experience not only seeing these accounts from a “business” standpoint, but also in creating a ton of content. I used Canva to edit pictures with logos, colors, and other shapes to match the National BBBS page!

I grew the Instagram account over 200% and successfully ran a giveaway for one of BBBS’s upcoming events! They don’t have another intern lined up yet, so I scheduled posts using a website called “Planoly” for another two months so that there is still consistent content. Check out @joplinbigbro on Instagram to see the different pictures and graphics I made.

I also did a lot of video recording/editing work! I conducted interviews with Bigs and Littles for BBBS, and edited them to different lengths to use for promotional materiel. I have already posted a few of them on Facebook and Youtube.

I also created many fliers, designed a couple billboards, and revamped the BBBS Joplin website (check it out here). Another large project I worked on was a newsletter. I wrote articles based around the interviews I did, and created the layout and design using Microsoft Publisher. It turned out really good and I’m proud of it!

Overall, my internship experience was great. I was able to get experience and create things that were perfect for my portfolio and resume, and I met a lot of amazing people. Big Brothers Big Sisters is an awesome organization and I am so thankful I was able to be a part of it.

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