VegFestKC 2019

This weekend, I reached the next level in veganism and attended my first vegan festival! I dragged my husband and two of our friends to Kansas City early Sunday morning to the festival hosted by VegLifeKC and it was so much fun!

Once we got into the festival, which had free admission, we saw a huge group of people and a ton of booths. They had nonprofit groups, vegan food stands, and tons of companies who make vegan food, drinks, apparel, and more. It was a beautiful sight.

We got to see and pet some pigs who were visiting from the Kansas City Pig Rescue Network, which is an organization I’ve been looking into lately! I love pigs with my whole heart, and I loved getting to spend some time with them.

A lot of the booths had free samples, which were all amazing. Cashew cheese dips, veggie/fruit juices, vegan sausage patties, etc. I already started feeling full before we even got lunch! We also talked to some tables about CBD, saving energy, and even looked at a ton of amazing vegan merch! I may have bought a bright pink shirt with a rainbow and the words “Hardcore Herbivore” on it.

Then it was time to eat! I got vegan “wingz” with BBQ sauce and mac and cheese! It was really good and very filling! Later I got coconut ice cream with cookie dough bites on top. The ice cream was very coconuty (despite being “vanilla” flavored) but the waffle cone was so tasty. I was really looking forward to trying a vegan donut, but they were unfortunately out by the time I got there.

After walking around, we discovered a farmer’s market right next door! It was so cool and had tons of cheap produce, I wish we had one like it in Joplin. Unique bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers that I stole to take a picture with.

But seriously, how cute are our friends??

VegFest KC was so much fun! It was a dream come true being surrounded by like-minded people, companies, and organizations, and to not have to ask what was in the food because it was all VEGAN. I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival, and am definitely going to be keeping my eye on any more VegLifeKC events in the future.

Also, another beautiful thing about VegFest: Dogs. Dogs everywhere. Fluffy, small, big, friendly puppers of every breed. Amazing.

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