Wedding Weekend in Miami, Florida

During my Disney College Program, one of my roommates, Tiffany, got engaged!! She’s been planning her cruise ship wedding for months, and at the end of January, it was finally time to hop on a plane and head to Miami to see her get married!

January 25

Getting there proved to be stressful and difficult. I tried to save money by flying into Fort Lauderdale, which is about 45 minutes from Miami (because flying directly into Miami is expensive). I booked Shane and I bus tickets that would get us from Ft Lauderdale to Miami, but getting there took more time than expected, then the bus was delayed, and a whole bunch of anxiety later, we finally got to the Airbnb around 6pm. Chey was already there, and the three of us got a Lyft to the restaurant where Tiffany and her family were eating that night.

We met up with Lauren at the restaurant and hung out for a couple hours, eating Mexican food and catching up (it had been a whole three weeks since we last saw each other). Tiffany came around a couple times so we could talk with her too, and it was a fun night!

Before Chey, Shane and I headed back to our Airbnb, we decided we were still hungry and wanted to get some snacks to keep at the house. We found a Publix within walking distance, so we enjoyed the streets of Miami on the way. Once we got our snacks, we got another Lyft back to the Airbnb and went to bed early (after snacking and talking for a couple hours).

January 26

Chey had to leave before the sun rose in the morning to meet at Tiffany’s hotel since the bridesmaids were getting ready together. Shane and I slept in some, then got a Lyft to the Port of Miami! It was like a maze trying to navigate the area, but our driver was a champ and got us where we needed to be on time.

However, we had some more complications getting on the ship. Chey sent us pictures of our boarding passes because Tiffany had them and we had to be there before the bridal party. For some reason, it worked fine for Shane and Lauren’s parents, but I wasn’t in the system or something? So I couldn’t get on the boat without my physical boarding pass (honestly my biggest fear leading up to this trip is that I wouldn’t be allowed on the boat for some reason). So Shane and I had to stand outside in the cold for an hour (yes, it was rainy and kind of chilly, Florida isn’t always warm) waiting for everyone else to get there so I could get my pass and be allowed on the ship.

Shane and I then had about an hour and a half to explore the Carnival Glory before the wedding. We walked around, explored each level, and found a bunch of cool areas. Unfortunately, it was raining pretty hard at that point so we couldn’t hang out on the deck like I wanted, but we still had fun!

We even found a little window that I discovered was the perfect place to take some pictures. I sure do love my husband, who took some pictures of me without complaining (too much).

Then it was time for the wedding! Shane and I ran into Lauren’s parents a little beforehand and hung out with them until it was time to head to the green room, where the ceremony would take place. We took our seats and got ready to watch Tiffany walk down the isle!

Tiffany’s dress was so beautiful and she looked AMAZING. I couldn’t get any good pictures during the ceremony because I was towards the back but all us girls were able to get a picture together during the reception:

Ahh she was so beautiful!

After the ceremony, the guests headed up the stairs to the reception room! There were people passing out drinks (I was honest and told them I was 20, virgin drinks for me) and we just hung out until the bridal party started coming in! Chey, Lauren and I took the opportunity to get a picture together!

We ate at the buffet, hung out, and Chey and I decided to be the only brave people at the reception and hit the dance floor. The photographer was loving us.

Then it was nearing time for the boat to set sail, so us non-sailing passengers had to leave. We said goodbye to Tiffany and wished her luck on her honeymoon!

Then we headed off the boat, but not before stopping on the glowing stairs to get some pictures while we were all dressed up. I also showed them the mirror ceiling, where we promptly lay on the ground to take a selfie because Shane wouldn’t do it with me earlier.

We got off the boat together and walked to the car, where we squeezed in with Lauren’s parents. Lauren’s step dad gave her directions to their hotel in South Beach, and we got to see some beautiful parts of the city as we rode.

Their hotel was in a beautiful part of South Beach, Miami, and there was an awesome view from the room. We relaxed and regrouped for a few minutes, soaking in the sights and enjoying sitting down.

Then we took off our shoes and headed down to the beach, even though it was still a tad chilly. We had to take the opportunity before it started raining again.

The beach was beautiful. The water was an amazing blue/green color, and the sand was really soft. All we needed was a little sun and it would have been perfect.

I was ready to get out of my dressy romper (especially since my pantyhose ripped too far to save and I had to throw them away before we went to the beach) so Lauren drove us back to the Airbnb! We got changed, charged up our phones, then headed out again. We went to Target, which was under a parking garage in the city. Then we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner, because it’s us and where else? I got a ton of fries, so my heart was happy, and we talked about Harry Potter and Myers Briggs personality types.

Lauren drove us back to the Airbnb and headed back to her parents’ hotel, so we had to say “see ya real soon” to her. Chey, Shane and I didn’t stay up too late because we all had to travel early in the morning, but we enjoyed the rest of our snacks and talked about college classes, Disney, and life. Ugh I already miss them, why do we have to live so far away from each other??

The next day, Shane and I caught a Lyft at 5am before heading to our flight back home. It was a short and sweet trip because school awaited us the next day, but I wish we could have stayed longer! Congratulations, Tiffany!! I’m so glad I could be there to experience such a special weekend!

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