North Carolina Road Trip Pt 3: Visiting the Largest Home in the US

When most people hear Asheville, North Carolina, they think of the Biltmore Estates. Built by railroad tycoon, George Vanderbilt, this home is over four acres inside the walls alone. It has 250 rooms, a huge winery, and overlooks the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the US’s largest privately owned home with my husband and two of my best friends. We bought tickets online and got $10 off for doing so two weeks in advance. Tickets were still kind of expensive, but you could easily spend the whole day there. It was well worth it.

We followed the long, winding driveway to the parking lot, then took a bus to the house! It was so much larger in person than I ever imagined. Once we got off the bus, we hiked up to the hill to get a better view of the whole house. We could see the mountains in the distance and got some great pictures!

Then we walked back down to the house and got ready to explore! Everything was decorated for Christmas, and it was absolutely beautiful. We just followed the flow of the crowd through each room, stopping to enjoy the decorations, details, furniture, and views of the mountains through the windows.

I think the library was my favorite room. It was so beautiful, and it reminded me of the library in Beauty and the Beast.

After exploring the house for a while, we took it outside to see my favorite views of them all. There was an overlook of the giant yard, and it was amazing.

If you could guess it, we had to take some pictures.

If it wasn’t the dead of winter, we would have had a ton of adventuring to do outside. There are miles of walking trails, which I would love to see in the spring someday, as well as a garden (where everything was dead) . There was a huge greenhouse, however, where everything was in full bloom.

Once inside, we took our coats off and enjoyed the exotic plants. Flowers, trees, cacti, everything you could imagine.

We spent a little more time walking around outside the house before we said goodbye and set out to explore the property a little more.

We went back to our car and drove past the house again, then went to the winery on property. It was in a cute little village, but there wasn’t a ton to do if you’re under 21. Lauren got to taste a few different wines for free, and she said she enjoyed them!

Once we left the winery, we went back towards the car, where I had seen a cute little farm. Chey and Lauren decided they didn’t want to pet any of the animals, but I love chickens and had to take the opportunity to touch one. Shane and I got to feed them out of our hands, and a couple even posed for a picture. There were a couple pigs, but they were sleeping so I didn’t get to hug any (disappointed). There was a cute baby cow, and a few goats as well!

The Biltmore was a beautiful property and so much fun to explore! I definitely want to go back in the spring or summer to see how different everything looks, but I loved seeing it decorated for Christmas. 10/10 would recommend.

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