A Year In Review: 2018

2018 was a year that changed my life. I traveled a lot, went vegan, got married, saw my favorite band in concert, fell in love with reading again, made friends and lost them, created many beautiful memories, and struggled a lot with mental health. There are so many wonderful things that I’ll always look back on with love in my heart, and also many days and weeks that I thought would never end where I wanted to die. But they did end. And I believe God will work those days to be for His glory. “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (You can read my past year in reviews here and here)


  • I rang in the new year watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks with a bunch of strangers on Main Street during my break, and just a couple days later ended my job at Disney World (RIP DCP, I can’t believe it’s been a year already)
  • Spent my last night at Magic Kingdom with Shane, watching Happily Ever After one last time and visiting my Fantasyland stores, saying my goodbyes.
  • I spent my last day at the parks at EPCOT with Shane
  • My last day in Orlando meant cookie dough, mini golf, and a night at Coronado Springs.
  • Shane and I road-tripped back to Forsyth, stopping in Nashville for a night, where we saw the Parthenon.
  • I made it back to Missouri for the first time in 5 months and had a family game night.
  • A couple days later, I moved back to Joplin and into my new apartment for the semester. I met Shane’s friends, who became my friends.
  • It snowed a lot and the first day of class was cancelled lol
  • Shane, Jaycee, and I started working out regularly at the gym on campus
  • School started back up and I was super excited to finally go to the same school as Shane again.
  • Shane and I started wedding planning and registered for gifts at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond!
  • Hu Hot, Orange Leaf, game nights, and a casino in Oklahoma with friends
  • I said yes to the dress!


  • Had fun at karaoke night at the Brew with friends
  • Super bowl Sunday
  • Had a girls day with Jaycee where we got our nails painted, went to the gym, and hung out
  • Started working at Family Video, where I get to rent movies for free holla (Shane, Jaycee and I watched “Wonder” and sobbed)
  • Shane and I went to our wedding venue to start planning more stuff out
  • Had a really fun night with friends
  • Shane and I took our engagement pictures!
  • Started “Tofu Talk” with Jaycee for one of her class projects
  • Finally went to a NEDA Walk with Shane, Jaycee, and Emma!


  • I officially decided to go vegan! My only regret is not doing it sooner.
  • I started working at the Dual Credit office at MSSU
  • I discovered chickpeas and agave nectar and other amazing foods.
  • Enjoyed spring break: Hiking in Arkansas with friends, got my first tattoo, and enjoyed the days out of school.
  • Not many specific things happened but it was a month of growth
  • I found a lot of really yummy vegan recipes and started caring for the environment better and started finding ways to better myself and it was a great month.


  • My bridal shower!
  • Shane took me to see Tenth Avenue North and Mercy Me in Tulsa.
  • I went to “Outcry” with Jaycee and Shelby and had an amazing night of worship.
  • Jaycee and Shane threw me a surprise birthday party and it was such an amazing night and I felt so loved
  • I turned 20! Shane took me to the Drive-In in Carthage for the first time and we watched A Quiet Place and Ready Player One and it was so fun
  • I saw The Little Mermaid in Forsyth and Brenna and Jacob and all my theatre friends did so good!!!
  • I bought my first plant, Mini Pink
  • I focused on doing yoga every day and taking time to mediate on God.


  • I spent almost the whole month off social media, which really helped my mental health
  • Shane and I went to the Joplin Greenhouse and I fell in love
  • I became obsessed with smoothie bowls
  • I took Shane to the George Washington Carver Museum
  • Last week of classes! I helped film a lot of graduations which was a long process
  • I read and watched videos on minimalism, which I started to embrace
  • Shane and I went to Orange Leaf and played games to celebrate the end of the semester
  • Another super fun karaoke night!
  • Shane, Jaycee and I spent a super fun day in Kansas City
  • I moved out of my apartment and lived out of my suitcase at Shane’s grandparents’ house for a few weeks
  • Hardcore wedding planning mode
  • Shane, Jaycee and I spent a week in Colorado with her boyfriend, David, where we hiked, ate yummy vegan food, and had a lot of fun


  • Wedding weekend!! So many friends and family and loved ones in one place, and so much fun being with everyone. Bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and the big day! June 3 was the best day of my life.
  • Shane and I traveled to Isla Mujeres for our honeymoon.
  • We got back from Mexico and moved to Branson for the summer!
  • Shane and I spent our first night in town seeing Deadpool 2 with Briar at the movie theater
  • Shane and I started our 4th summer at the Track, this time as supervisors! We worked roughly 50 hours a week and it was a lot of work but a lot of fun.
  • We saw the Incredibles 2 with my family
  • Jaycee and David visited us and we rode the Ferris Wheel, went to SDC, and had a lot of fun!
  • Shane and I drove to Wisconsin to see IMAGINE DRAGONS in concert!! I’ve been wanting to see them for 6 years and it was the most amazing thing ever.
  • On our way back from Wisconsin, we stopped in Chicago to see the shiny bean
  • Rachelle’s 20th birthday party scavenger hunt!


  • This month was less exciting and mainly consisted of work, work, work.
  • Shane and I finally got a lot of adult stuff figured out (car insurance, renters insurance, phone plans, etc.)
  • We had a few date nights where we almost always went to Pie Five for pizza (vegan pizza!!) and Yeti’s for shaved ice, and we also rode the Branson Ferris wheel
  • I got a Google Pixel 2, which explains the sudden quality of pictures
  • I got my septum pierced because I want to and who cares what other people think
  • I finished the Heroes of Olympus series, which made me fall in love with reading again BLESS
  • Went to Romeo and Juliet in the park to watch Brenna with my family!


  • Shane and I went on a couple really fun dates, including playing mini golf and going to Moonshine Beach.
  • I got to see Kathryn for the first time in a whole year!!
  • I saw a million things on my Timehop about checking into my DCP a year ago and cried.
  • I finished my summer job at The Track and Shane and I moved out of our Branson home and into our new apartment in Joplin!
  • We got to see some of our friends our first night back at HuHot and Orange Leaf!
  • Shane and I went to Crystal Bridges!
  • I started reading Harry Potter!!!!
  • The semester started and things almost instantly got really hard mentally with my depression and anxiety.
  • I got my hair cut shorter, which I love!


  • I got to see my family during the Labor Day weekend and spend time with them
  • Unique and Lawrence came over and we made dinner and we hung out and it was really fun.
  • I read three more Harry Potter books!
  • Rachelle and Jonathan came to Joplin and we got to watch him run at a cross country meet, ate at Instant Karma, and went to an art festival.
  • I had homework due almost every single day and it killed me. I started getting really stressed with school and working all the time.
  • Shane, Lawrence, Emma and I had a “breakfast for dinner” night where we made a bunch of breakfast foods and played games together! It was such a great night
  • I started helping film football games for KGCS!
  • Shane turned 20!
  • We started watching “Friends” on Netflix (I’m in love)


  • 2 absolute HELL weeks followed by 2 weeks of nothing?
    • Literally so many papers, projects, and tests squeezed into two weeks in all of my classes, and then they all just stopped giving out work at the same time? How did I not die??
  • I finished reading the Harry Potter series!
  • Game night at Emma’s house
  • I started plotting out the novel that I FINALLY wrote
  • Fall break! I actually had two days off from both jobs and got to relax
  • Shane and I spent a day in St Louis during break and it was really fun
  • Went to Branson and spent time with Brenna at a pumpkin patch!
  • Filmed more football games, and we actually won one?? Our team broke our 2-year losing streak!
  • School started to get easier but with my mind, nothing ever really gets easier (I cried 3 times in one week, which might possibly be a new record)
  • I read the best book ever (Station Eleven)


  • I got bangs again!
  • Shane and I put up our first Christmas tree together
  • I went to an aerial yoga class with Emma and it was super fun
  • It snowed!!
  • iHop double date with Lawrence and Unique!
  • Shane and I both worked on Thanksgiving so we ate vegan waffles for breakfast while watching Friends to celebrate the holiday
  • Wreck It Ralph 2 was amazing
  • Shane and I drove to Forsyth for a day to celebrate Thanksgiving with both our families, just a couple days late
  • I started writing my novel and wrote almost 40,000 words in 17 days, I’m rocking it


  • I finished out the fall 2018 semester and aced all my finals (all A’s in my classes, yay!)
  • My best friend got engaged and I am so excited for her oh my goodness!!
  • I celebrated Christmas three days during the month- one with Shane’s side of the family, one with mine, and actual Christmas day that we spent together!
  • Shane and I had a fun breakfast/present morning with Rachelle and Jonathan. I also became her matron of honor!!
  • We went to Sight and Sound and Vintage Paris with some friends and it was a super fun night!
  • Shane and I are leaving very soon for a week long trip to North Carolina with some of my best friends from my Disney College Program!! I’m super excited, but that trip will get it’s own blog post.

As we go into 2019, I have some goals that I’m hoping to accomplish. I aim to actually accomplish some of these, unlike most “new years resolutions” that usually go out the window once you flip the calendar to February (guilty)

  • Find an agent and start pursuing publication with my novel
  • Land an internship (hopefully doing PR, hopefully for a nonprofit)
  • Get better at yoga. I’d like to start my goals small here, like have my heels touch the ground during downward dog and master crow pose. Hopefully I can add bigger goals as the year progresses.
  • Find a therapist and start actively working on my mental health (determined to accomplish this one)
  • Travel to at least 5 new places

2018 was one for the books. Thank u, next

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