The St Louis Arch and the Best Vegan Restaurant Ever

For fall break this year, Shane and I decided that what we really needed to do was just relax. So for the first time all semester, that’s what I did- watched Netflix, read, and just vegged out in my yoga pants and tee-shirt. However, we both had Monday off, so we decided to get out of Joplin for the day and drive to St Louis together!

The number one thing we wanted to do, of course, was visit the St Louis arch. After paying for parking nearby, we bundled up in our coats (I love how Missouri just skipped fall and went straight to winter) and headed towards the Arch! I had only seen the Arch up close once, probably ten years ago, and I loved being able to see it with my best friend!

After getting close to it, we had to walk further away again to get to the entrance underneath. We decided to wait two hours to be able to take the trams up to the very top, which I had never done before. So while we waited, we walked around in the newly completed museum.

Our tour was at 1:30, so we got pretty hungry before and got lunch at the Arch Cafe. They have a veggie burger, but after asking it was confirmed that it was not vegan (sad) so I got the vegan black bean soup instead! The soup ended up being very tasty, and I love my potato chips.


We got in line for our tour, and to pass the time, I told Shane all about the abandoned ideas Disney had for new lands and theme parks. He’s a good listener, even when I’m talking about things he probably doesn’t care about.

Then we got our numbers for what tram we’d be riding up in, watched a pointless video about life during the 60’s which was definitely just a time filler, and then got ready to load into our trams! Five people ride in each one, which is a very tight fit, but we talked to the people we rode with during the four minute trip, so it wasn’t too terrible!

Then we made it to the top of the tallest man-made monument in the United States. 630 feet in the air and we could see up to 30 miles out in either direction. It was such a beautiful view of the city.

After kissing 630 feet in the air (how many people can say they’ve done that?) we got in line to head back down to the ground. By the time we got out, the sun started peaking through the clouds a little, though it was still just as cold as before. We took a few more pictures with Missouri’s biggest monument, then headed back towards our car.

I really wanted to show Shane the Science Center, because I remember really enjoying it when I went with my family more than ten years ago. We made it with only an hour before they closed, so we sped through some exhibits and didn’t even make it through everything. We’ll definitely have to go back and take our time there one day!

Then it was dinner time! I had done my research and really wanted to eat at an all-vegan restaurant, because they make my heart super happy. I found one called “Lulu’s Local Eatery”, so that’s where we headed, and let me just say: I am SO GLAD we found this place. They compost everything, and all their ingredients are plant-based and locally grown.


Shane ordered a buffalo blue burger, which was a sweet potato and black bean burger on a pretzel bun. He said he liked it for being vegan, which is meat eater talk for: pleasantly surprised that it’s good even though it isn’t made out of meat. I tried a bite, and the buffalo sauce was too spicy for my taste, but the bun and patty were definitely good!


I got a loaded nacho crunch wrap and a brownie, because I really wanted something sweet. The brownie tasted just like a non-vegan brownie and was chocolaty perfection.


The wraps I got were absolutely amazingIt’s made with jackfruit, which made me hesitant at first, but wow I can’t even express how much I loved it. It tasted like some kind of meat (maybe chicken?) but had it’s own delicious flavor that mixed with the butternut squash cheese so perfectly. I swear this is what food in Heaven tastes like.


I was sad when all the food was gone, but my stomach was happy and content. If I ever go back to St Louis, I am definitely coming back to Lulu’s and trying everything else on their menu. After tasting their cheese, I’m sure their mac and cheese is to die for.

The evening was still young, so Shane and I fought traffic and made it to the huge three-story St Louis mall. He told me there was a big Disney Store and that’s what got me there. I was so happy to step into the store with the sparkly floor, Halloween music playing, and Disney stuff everywhere. It made me really miss being a Disney Cast Member, both at my own store in Branson and at Disney World. They have so many new products that I had never seen before and I was so happy in there.


We spent another hour in the mall, just walking around and exploring different stores we don’t have in Joplin. Shane got a shake from Cinnabon, and then we headed back home. The ride felt a lot longer going home, and it was dark which made me sleepy, but we kept ourselves awake by talking about our childhoods and playing music loudly.

Our trip to St Louis was a ton of fun, and I’m so glad I have a husband who is 100% up for adventures, vegan restaurants, and Disney Stores.

2 thoughts on “The St Louis Arch and the Best Vegan Restaurant Ever

  1. ahhh what a fun time!!! I’ve been to St. Louis one time, and remember just having a great time. Okay, that vegan restaurant sounds tremendous. YUM! I need to keep that one in mind if we ever go back. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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