Leslie Ever After: Part 1

Note: My ex and I are no longer together, but I wanted to keep this post up because I have great memories with friends and family during the week of my wedding. I haven’t changed any of the text.

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, my best friend, fiance, sunshine, and biggest supporter became my husband. Wow. That’s so insane and crazy to say- what a dream come true. Our wedding was beautiful and everything I could have dreamed. I am so blessed and thankful for everything that happened that weekend- I wouldn’t change a minute of it for the world.

My bachelorette party was the Friday night before the wedding, and it was a ton of fun! My mom got us all matching Star Wars themed shirts, so obviously that alone made it a great time.

Three of my bridesmaids (Brenna, Rachelle, and Shelby) and Jaycee and I all got our nails done in preparation for Sunday. Mostly everyone got their toes painted yellow, and I got French tips for the first time ever! I was hesitant at first and wasn’t sure if I liked them or not, but they’ve definitely grown on me and I really like the way they look now!


All glammed up, we headed to Downtown Joplin and ate dinner at Instant Karma (I’m obsessed with their “impossible burgers” which are vegan and taste so good). The food was delicious, and we planned the rest of our night over fries and burgers. I decided to try on Brenna’s heels walking back to the car and I think I almost died.


Emma joined us after dinner since she had just gotten off work, and we met up with Shane and his bachelor party to play some girls-vs-guys lazer tag! Us girls claimed the red team to go with our Star Wars shirts and we were ready to dominate.


Because the boys were outnumbered, they asked for help from some of the people who worked there. Them having three extra teenagers on their team who know the ends and outs and every corner and nook of that course made it very hard on us to ever shoot anything (I was literally getting shot every second even when I was sure there was no one around me). After that round, we went down to just the bachelorettes versus the bachelors, and I think it’s safe to say we crushed them.

Afterwards, everyone went their separate ways. However, Brenna, Rachelle, Emma and I were not ready to be done yet. We went back to the house my family had rented for the weekend and went swimming at midnight. We jumped off the diving board and slid down the slide and had a lot of fun. The whole night was a blast and I loved spending time with my girls!


Saturday was a flurry of excitement. I couldn’t believe I was marrying my best friend tomorrow! My family from Oregon had made it to town the night before, and it was super exciting to get to see them and spend time with them! When we first got up in the morning, us girls (Brenna, Rachelle, and my cousin, Kylie) headed into town to buy some last minute things, as well as smoothies from Tropical Smoothie because we really needed the extra boost (and sugar). We swam in the pool again some more, and just relaxed, enjoying the evening together.

Then that night was the rehearsal dinner! It was starting to feel so real. We had a cookout at Shane’s grandparents’ house, and the weather was perfect. Shane’s grandma even ordered a ton of vegan cookies and they tasted even better than they looked.


We went through and practiced how we would be walking and the order of things during the actual wedding, and then it was time to eat vegan cookies and veggie burgers (everyone else ate meat, I couldn’t force the vegan food on everyone). My fourth bridesmaid and Disney roommate, Chey, finally got there from Indiana and I was so excited! It was a fun and laid-back night of eating and practicing!


Click here to read all about the day of the wedding, filled with pictures, cupcakes, tears and lots of smiles!

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