What I Learned From My Third Semester of College

So I think technically I just finished my fourth semester of college? But my Disney College Program doesn’t really count because I only took one class so I’m just going to say that spring 2018 was my third semester at Missouri Southern State University.

And boy, was it a life-changing one.

I learned a lot in my first and second semesters and I am so thankful for them. But holy cow, my third semester made me a completely different person. It was probably the best semester I’ve experienced thus far, and it’s all thanks to God. I met some amazing friends, planned my wedding, discovered a new dream for my future career, and completely changed my health around by working out 5 times a week and even going vegan. By March, I felt like a new person- I had already changed and grown more than I had in my whole five months of living and working at Disney World. Without further ado, here’s just a peak at what I learned and accomplished this semester:

  • Having a full life has nothing to do with doing exciting things every day to fill up your Instagram; rather, it’s about being surrounded by people and things that make you happy.
  • True friendship actually isn’t impossible for me to experience!!
  • Multitasking is bad for your brain, reduces productivity, and keeps you from being able to focus more. I’ve been trying to work on only doing one thing at a time, which is hard but I’m definitely able to focus more.
  • Simply living my life the way I had been doing my whole life was actually creating a huge amount of waste, and I am now striving to cut out waste anywhere I can.
  • I learned so much about the food I was eating, the environment, and my health. I only wish I had gone vegan sooner.
  • Isaiah 26:3- “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”
  • Doing yoga and meditating on God’s Word is the most wonderful way to begin each day.
  • I have a new dream- I want to work in PR for a nonprofit organization, and through that I can speak about things I’m passionate about!
  • Washing your hair with shampoo is actually really bad for your hair (bye-bye shampoo)
  • The better you eat, the better you feel. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that.
  • Planning a wedding isn’t as stressful as I imagined but at the same time it’s more stressful than I imagined??
  • Worrying about money and a job and the future is pointless because God has such a huge and well thought-out plan for my life. He will open doors, I just have to be patient.
  • I learned how to work different camera equipment through my KGCS practicum at Southern and I’m really enjoying it!
  • Social media is a big part of why my mental health gets so bad sometimes and taking a long, much-needed break from it was such a good idea. I honestly don’t even want to get back on it anymore.
  • It is much easier to live a full life with less stuff. Minimalism has changed my life and I’m so grateful for my discovery of this way of living.
  • Working out is kinda fun and leg day is my favorite.
  • The warmth of the sun is actually kind of intoxicating to me now. I used to hate it, but now I can’t get enough.
  • I found my new happy place- The Joplin Greenhouse. It’s so beautiful, and plants are awesome.

This semester was such an amazing time of change and growth. God opened so many doors and I feel so in awe when I finally realize what He’s been up to in my life. I’ve embraced different lifestyles this semester (veganism, minimalism, becoming more environmentally aware) and I have a fun summer up ahead of me! I’m already looking forward to my classes next semester and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me!

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