Why I Walk- NEDA Walk, 2018

In 2014,

I was so sick mentally that I thought I’d never make it through the year. I didn’t want to make it through the year. Physically, I was falling apart and getting worse with each skipped meal, my heart just weeks from failing me. Emotionally, I was already dead. I felt nothing and I remembered nothing but calories eaten and calories avoided. I lied to everyone who cared about me, and convinced myself I was alone. I was suicidal. I had an anxiety that lived in my lungs and never let me breathe. I wore gloves in class because my ice cold hands could barely function without them. I carried my Bible around, lying to myself that I was living according to the words I read within it. I told myself I was okay, but deep down I knew I was dying.

In 2018,

I am participating in a National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Walk in Tulsa, OK on February 25. I am walking to raise awareness of the disorder that took years of my life, the disorder that almost prevented me from experiencing any others. I walk to remember that girl who didn’t know her worth, and for the men and women who will never learn. I walk to encourage those who don’t want to get better, and those who think they never will. I walk to help erase the stigma surrounding the very disorder I didn’t “look” like I had. I walk to raise money to help those struggling, because every single dollar counts. I walk to shine a light on the fact that God’s grace is greater than any mental illness could ever be. I walk because I now know that while one step at a time may seem small and insignificant in recovery, that’s how you get somewhere.

I walk to remind myself how far I’ve come.

This year, I am stronger, healthier, and more myself than I have ever been. My eating disorder took my life from me, but I have taken many steps to take it back. I walk because by God’s grace, I am strong. I walk because by God’s grace, I am alive. I walk because my eating disorder has nothing on me.

Visit my personal fund raising page to donate to the National Eating Disorders Association and sponsor my walk. Every dollar helps someone take a step towards recovery. 

2 thoughts on “Why I Walk- NEDA Walk, 2018

  1. Hello McKenzie!

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    Thank you for you time!


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