Classes and Cookouts: Germany Days 6, 7, & 8

Tuesday May 30

I woke up on Tuesday morning really excited for another day of classes at Hochschule Ansbach! I once again had the best tasting hot chocolate ever (I think I may be obsessed) at the hotel, and then we walked to campus! Class this day was definitely a step up from doing simple beats and mixing music- this time we used motion detection and sound from the microphone. Our professor showed us how to make a video react to motion or sound, and then gave us the chance to try it ourselves! Marius and I worked together on the same computer and I found a video of a cat popping its head in and out of a box, so we used that. After messing around with the program a few minutes, we figured out how to make the video react to our movement, and then sound! It was so cool and exciting that we could do something like that!

After eating some lunch inside, we went back to class and learned how to do another thing in response to motion or sound- we set up the camera on the computers to take a picture automatically when it detected a bunch of sound or motion! That was super cool as well! This is a picture of Marius and I laughing at our creation


After classes were over, Shelby, Deshayne and I headed to what looked to us like an Aldi’s! Everyone was planning on having a cookout that night, and we were instructed to bring something for ourselves. After a lot of stress not knowing what to get or what anything was, I bought some veggie burgers to cook on the grill! I also bought a Kinder Egg and a pretzel to eat on the walk back to the hotel because I was feeling a little lightheaded. After resting at the hotel for ten minutes or so, we headed back towards campus for the cookout!


It was laidback and a lot of fun. We just cooked our food at our own pace and hung out with everyone, making friends and talking about anything we could think of. I got to hang out with a new friend, Mar, who is from Spain, and some people from Kosovo again, and I’m really glad I’ve found friends in them!

We talked and laughed all night until I was too tired to stay any longer and walked back to the hotel on my own. It was 11:00pm and of course already dark, but people said Ansbach was completely safe, so I quickly walked back with my hands ready to strike if I needed to. But of course, this is not the United States so I was fine and made it back without threat.

This day was so fun and I passed out as soon as my head hit my pillow, I was exhausted.

Wednesday May 31

Before I knew it, Wednesday was here and it was my last day of my Interactive Audiovisual Media class. It honestly made me really sad, I wish I was able to take this class all semester long and keep learning and trying new things on Max. Our professor showed us a lot of really cool advanced things on the program. He 3D scanned Freddy and made him look like a Sims character. He also figured out how to make Max take a picture automatically when you make a loud noise and then automatically upload it to Twitter. We even got more advanced and set it up to where it would only take the picture when there were two people in front of the camera, no matter how loud you clapped or snapped. Computers are so cool.

We also had time to work on our projects that we have to do for our “final exam”. I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to do so I was just messing around and connected the picture-taking code to the cat reacting to motion code. I had Deshayne try it and told her to try to scare the cat, and it took a picture when she moved enough! It worked pretty well, but then I had another idea that involves sound, video, and Disney! I started working on it before lunch and almost finished it after! I’m really excited with how it’s working out.


During lunch, Adrian (who’s from Germany) asked Deshayne, Shelby and I some questions about America. His first question, “What do you think of Trump?” That’s what almost everyone asks us, so we laughed pretty hard.


After class, some of us went to the mall to hang out and buy more food before another cookout planned for that night. I bought pretzel bread so I didn’t have to worry about trying to cook anything, and it was cheap and delicious.

At the cookout, Shelby, Deshayne and I hung out with Amine all night! The four of us talked about a lot of different stuff, and we even taught him what “lit” means. He tried to teach us Arabic, and neither of us could pronounce anything very well. Deshayne was just confused the whole time and couldn’t even tell what he was saying. It was such a fun night, and at one point Rinë joined our group and we had a lot of fun hanging out the whole night!

Thursday June 1

Thursday morning we didn’t have class, so I got to sleep in a little which was very needed and really nice. Then after getting up and getting dressed, Shelby, Deshayne and I went to the bakery that we pass every day on the way to school! We always look in and see really good pastries and we finally got to buy some ourselves! I’m honestly not really sure what it was that I got, besides the chocolate covered croissant, but they both looked really good! After buying our breakfast, we walked to the gardens we explored the other day and found a fountain to sit at. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed our delicious breakfast with a beautiful view of the gardens.

After we had finished, we walked around a little bit and found the cutest little garden. I love flowers, they were all so beautiful. We eventually ended up going through the mall so I could buy another water bottle (I left my last one in the bathroom on accident and when I went back it was gone). We made it to campus a little early, so the three of us sat outside on some “rocks”, just talking and laughing.


Eventually, it was time to head inside for my class’s tour of the TV studio! First, we started out in a classroom where the professor told us about what we were going to be doing. We chose “roles” and learned about how they go about making a TV show, because we were going to be doing the same thing! Then he led us to the studio itself, and we were all so in awe with how cool everything looked. They had a big blue screen instead of green, and the cameras and equipment were awesome.


After showing the camera people how work them and explaining to the host and guests where they needed to stand and what to say, the four of us working in the “control room” were led upstairs. My job was pretty simple- I just had to click record and stop recording at the right time, but it was still awesome to watch the whole process happen!

Then it was time to record the show! MaKenzi directed us all, cued the intro, and then cued the people in front of the camera and the cameramen to do their stuff! Everyone did really good, and those of us in the control room got a kick out of the mystery song we played at the end; we keep singing the beginning of it, even though literally the only words we know are, “Hey little princess”.

We watched our finished project and then happily left campus to head back to the hotel! The Americans (minus a couple who were on an excursion with their class) all just hung out in our room, relaxing and trying to figure out what to do. We finally decided to just go to eat, so MaKenzie took us to a restaurant they had gone to last summer. We were sat inside and after getting the English menu, we excitedly looked everything over and ordered. I ordered spätzle and pommes (fries), and when it arrived it looked so good and huge. It tasted better than it looked, and even though I was really hungry I couldn’t finish it all. I definitely should have ordered the senior citizen portion XD

After everyone had finished eating, we all walked around Ansbach together, exploring a little more and enjoying the city. We had a funeral for a dead bird, then walked further than I had before and found a playground that had what looked like a jungle gym inside a jungle gym, which of course we had to climb on.


After playing on the playground for twenty minutes, we headed back the way we had come! Some people were planning on hanging out on campus again that night, so Shelby, Deshayne and I just headed straight there from the city center, after stopping to take this beautiful picture of course.


We didn’t spend much time hanging out on campus that night since it was already pretty late by the time we got there. We hung out with some students from Kosovo, then went to McDonalds with them after! I didn’t get anything because their hot chocolate machine apparently wasn’t working at the moment and I didn’t want to spend 3€ on still water. We had fun hanging out, and then finally walked back to the hotel. I was pooped, and the next day had promises of a new city and new adventures!


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