Bowling and a Lit Fire Jam: Germany, Days 4 & 5

Sunday, May 28

Sunday morning and afternoon was a free day, and I’m such a morning person I didn’t want to sleep in and waste half the day, so after breakfast, Shelby and I set out to explore some more of Ansbach. We went to the gardens not far from our hotel and walked around for a while, just soaking in the beauty of the flowers and trees.

The weather was still nice (and not hot) since it was kinda early, so after we left the gardens we decided to try to navigate the streets some on our own. I swear I will never get tired of the old-style buildings in Germany, they’re so beautiful. After being out for a couple hours, we headed back and relaxed some in our hotel. I took a nap, tried to catch up on my blog a little bit, and talked to Shane some as well!

At 4:00pm, Shelby, Deshayne and I headed to the school campus, ready for bowling, which Hochschule Ansbach had organized for us. Once everyone was there (and we were all sweating because it was so hot), we walked through the main city square until we made it to the bowling alley! Tatev, a girl that goes to the school and is helping organize the summer school, put us into teams so we could each have a lane! My group was so fun and it was awesome getting to talk to some of the other people more. I STUNK and got so many gutter balls and lost to everyone by a landslide, but it was still a lot of fun! I also ordered some mozzarella sticks because I was really hungry. It was 6€ so I almost didn’t buy it, but once I got it I realized it probably should have been more than six! I didn’t know they came with fries, and SO MANY FRIES. It was too much food, I couldn’t finish it.

After the games, all of us Americans went to eat at a restaurant near the town square! I wasn’t hungry, so I ordered some kind of drink. I obviously can’t read German but I recognized the word chocolate so I ordered it, and it came out not as hot chocolate which I expected it. It tasted like a warm vanilla milkshake. It was fun sitting with everyone outside and just talking and hanging out!


We all walked back together, and then Shelby, Deshayne and I hung out some with some students from Kosovo! We sat on some steps and just chilled, talking about music and life. They’re all so nice and fun and I really enjoyed it. It was a good ending to the day!

Monday, May 29

We woke up early on Monday morning to get ready and have breakfast downstairs before our first class at the university! I tried hot chocolate and it was so, so good. The walk to campus was so warm, but we finally made it and successfully found the right classroom (thanks to a German for helping us lost Americans). My class started at 10am and is called Interactive Audiovisual Media, and I had no idea what to expect. The professor is from Arizona, so at least he understands a lot of stuff about us from MSSU that others haven’t seemed to XD

We started out by introducing ourselves, and then the professor showed us a few basic things from the program, Max, that we were going to be using the next few days. It seemed kind of confusing, but I’m more of a hands-on-learner so I was able to understand everything better once we started programming more things.

We had an hour break for lunch, so we found the cafeteria (once again, thanks to the German student) and got in line for lunch! I wasn’t entirely sure what anything was, but somebody told me the pasta was vegetarian so I went for it. I also got some potatoes and a pretzel in case I didn’t like anything else, because I always like pretzels. I followed Marius outside and sat with him, some of the Americans, and a couple other people. It was so nice and beautiful outside, and the food wasn’t bad! The hour flew by and before I knew it we had another few hours of class to go!

The second half of the day was a lot of fun. Our professor showed us how to make different sounds through the program (called Max), and we eventually got to mix sounds and make small songs. I had so much fun, I loved it. I made “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and then we recorded Deshayne and Josh making noises and mixed those into “lit fire jams”. I still wasn’t 100% sure how to work the program super well, but I loved what we did in class.


After school, Shelby, Deshayne and I went to the mall and spent some time walking around and looking in different stores. Clothes are so cheap here compared to the states and yet I’m still a bad shopper and couldn’t convince myself to spend money or buy anything I liked. We ate upstairs in a restaurant called “Mama Mia”. I ordered French fry pizza and it was so good. The portions feel so large for the price, it’s wonderful. Then we went into the grocery store we did the other day and I bought a couple more Kinder Eggs and a Star Wars CD in German. I thought it was just the score (which is the same in English as it is in German) but later when I listened to it I realized it was a narrated sound CD, so I can’t understand it, whoops. Still don’t regret my purchase XD


The day went by so fast after spending 7 hours in class, and I couldn’t wait to go back the next day to learn more about programming audiovisual media stuff!

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