Over, Under, and Through Nuremberg: Germany, Day 3

Saturday, May 27

For our first full day in Germany, we had such a packed schedule planned! We started out our morning with free breakfast from the hotel, and it was so tasty! The bread in the picture was delicious and I may have had three rolls. The vegan butter was also really good! Then we quickly walked to the main college campus (Hochschule Ansbach, the school through which we’re taking our classes/workshops), and were a little bit late to the cultural class because we misjudged how long it took to walk there. Come to find out it’s a 25 minute walk, not 15.


Once everyone was in the right classroom, the professor told us to split up and get in groups with people that come from different countries than us. I ended up joining a group with a girl from Mexico, and two guys from Kosovo and Germany! We spent some time talking (everyone speaks English and I feel like us Americas are the only ones who aren’t bilingual) about differences in our countries and cultures, and it was so interesting. I learned a lot about Germany, Kosovo, and Mexico, and everyone was so nice. In the class we discussed what makes up culture, types of communication among different people, and false stereotypes.

At one point, Freddy was telling us excitedly that he learned how to say “thanks” in German. In his own words, “It’s like saying ‘donkey’ but with a Shrek accent!” I think we all died.

We had a two hour break between the class and our next adventure, so we swung by the mall between campus and our hotel! They had a grocery store type place, so we went in there to try to buy some not-sparkling water (it’s so gross help) and it was so weird and cool to see everything in a different language. Kind of confusing. They even had movies like Moana! Some of us also bought Kinder Eggs, which are illegal in the states. The chocolate was so good, I’m already craving more.

In another store, we tried to find some food to eat for lunch, and I ended up getting some pretzel bread! Three loaves for €1.29, and two of them filled me up. Everything is so cheap here, it’s so cool. We walked a little bit more, and then Shelby and I tried to go back to the room to change but we didn’t have a key so we just walked back to campus to catch the bus! The university had planned a trip to Nuremburg for us and I was so excited, it was one of the cities I wanted to go to the most.

We started out the afternoon by walking through the heart of the city and straight up a hill to the beautiful Nuremberg Castle. The hike up wasn’t too bad, but even if it had been, the view of the city from the top would have been so worth it. As soon as I walked over to the edge of the castle, my breath was taken away by how beautiful everything was. You could probably see the whole city from up there. We had a few minutes to walk around the area, so we explored the different parts of the castle that we could outside. It was so beautiful and so fun. I’m obsessed with castles.

Then we went on an underground tour of the city through old beer cellars. It was so cool and interesting! Not only did they used to store beer down there, but during World War 2, it was a bomb shelter for most of the city. There was so much history down there, it was amazing. At the end of the tour, we were given a free small glass of beer. I’ve never tried any kind of alcohol before, so I figured why not try my first beer in Germany? I took one sip and almost gagged, it was so bitter and just not good. I tried again a few minutes later, just to see if it got better with time, but it was just as gross as the first sip so I gave it to one of the guys in my group haha. So now I know I don’t like beer, but Shelby, Deshaynee, and I took a cute picture with our empty glasses after giving all of the drinks to the guys XD

Then we had free time in the city for a while! Us three girls decided to walk around a little bit and just explore some! We found so many beautiful buildings and cute little stores, then ended up stopping in some kind of bakery to get something small to eat. I got a filling pretzel for less than €1! I am loving the prices here.

We walked around for a couple hours, and at one point decided to get some ice cream! It was €1.50 each, and such a perfect size. We sat on the steps of the beautiful church in the center of town to eat and rest our feet, people watching and talking about life.

We went inside the church to look around (it was beautiful of course), and then we had another hour to spare so we walked around through new streets and somehow managed to not get lost. We saw multiple limos, two of which were pink, and got to the bus stop early and spent lots of time talking to other people on the trip that are from different countries! They’re all so nice and friendly, it’s so cool to learn about them and their cultures.

Then we had about a 45 minutes bus ride back to campus! A lot of us walked back to our hotel together, and we were all pooped. We started the day at 9am and didn’t get back to our rooms until almost 11pm. For some reason, Shelby, Makenzie, Makenzi and I all stayed up super late, but it’s okay because we didn’t have any classes or anything the next morning!

The day was full of bread, beer, and beautiful buildings. Nuremberg is so breathtaking and I might have fallen in love with the city. I can’t wait to see what adventures still await here in Germany!

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