What I Learned From My Second Semester of College

I can’t believe another semester has already come and gone. While things mostly look the same as they did when my last semester ended, they feel so different inside. I have grown so much the past few months- in my faith, strength, and health. I’ve accomplished so much, have made new friends, somehow maintained my sanity during those weeks of working and going to school full time, and have a lot to look forward to as the summer approaches! It’s time yet again to reflect on the things I have learned this past semester:

  • God will present every opportunity, friend, and lesson at the right time. Patience is hard but it is in these times when you will grow the most.
  • You can find happiness right where you are
  • Little things make all the difference in your day- drinking enough water, doing yoga, dressing in something you feel confident in, spending time with God, etc.
  • You can only find yourself when you stop looking and focus on God instead.
  • My worth is not found in how many hours I work each week. Getting scheduled more does not mean I am more competent or more liked than when I am scheduled less (still working on this one)
  • If your professor is cool enough to allow you MULTIPLE extra credit opportunities, start taking advantage of that at the very beginning of the semester.
  • Sometimes you don’t need to read the text book to do well in class and it’s just a waste of time, woops.
  • DREAMS DO COME TRUE (DCP here I come, only 3 months!!!)
  • Having patience in God’s timing not only brings peace, but comfort as well.
  • Spending less time staring at your phone and more time looking around and talking to God while walking to class is a really good thing to do.
  • Starting your morning off right can positively impact your entire day
  • A big realization for me personally: When I spend too much time on my phone, I feel guilty. Too much social media negatively impacts my mental health. I used to think it was “being lazy” that made me feel guilty, but I’ve come to realize that it’s just my phone. Relaxing and doing something like reading or writing is actually super healthy for my mind and body.
  • It can be super hard, but when someone needs someone to talk to, it is best to just LISTEN. Avoid giving advice unless they ask for it- just listen to them!!!
  • Yoga is amazing
  • Sometimes dreams change and that’s okay. You aren’t “giving up on your dream” if it just isn’t your dream anymore. Don’t do something just because everyone expects you to.
  • Sometimes a scary but wonderful opportunity will present itself to you and you just have to say YES to adventure
  • I realized that things will only be like this right now. Next semester, everything will be different. Life changes so fast, and I need to remember to enjoy everything that I have right now as it is.

Overall, I have learned so many things about myself and God and life in general, and it feels so good to know myself better and have a stronger, joyful relationship with Him. I’ve grown so much in just one semester and I am so happy with how much I’ve bloomed. Here’s to summer, new opportunities, and adventure!

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