Spring Break 2017

Spring break this year was an adventure. I came home from school for ten days, went to an art museum, went hiking in Arkansas, watched Harry Potter for the first time, got a speeding ticket, worked at my favorite place, and watched every day fly by, dreading the day that I’d have to say goodbye to my boyfriend and family and head back to Joplin to finish the semester. While of course that day did come, I’m left with the memories that my spring break left me that I know I’ll always look at fondly. Okay, that was cheesy, and I definitely will not look at that ticket fondly, but I did have a great break!

Friday, March 17

After a thrilling conversation about feminism in psychology at 8:00 AM, I headed to my dorm room and loaded all of my stuff in my car, beyond thankful that all of my other classes canceled for the day. I picked Shane up at his grandparents’ house (he had stayed the night the night before after watching my band concert) and we headed to Bentonville, Arkansas!

Before heading to our favorite museum, we stopped at Einstein Bro’s Bagels for lunch and chowed down on some really good food! They had a vegetarian sandwich with mushrooms and eggs and I almost cried. We also split a cinnamon bagel and I forced Shane to take a picture with me reenacting their logo.

Then it was Crystal Bridges time!! We went there in January with my mom and sister and we loved it a lot but hadn’t had time to see everything, so we decided to go on our own this time! It was supposed to rain, so we walked around the art trails outside first, but it never ended up raining so we took our time walking around and enjoying the art, weather, and each other.

Then we headed inside! We viewed the traveling exhibit- which at the time was Border Cantos, which showed pictures, art, and items from the United States and Mexico border- and walked around the rest of the museum, looking at things that we saw last time and new pieces to the museum! It was a lot of fun getting lost in art with Shane, and I think I may be obsessed with Crystal Bridges and art and nature and everything about that place in general. Then we drove home, after stopping for ice cream of course, and spent the night finally watching Tangled: Before Ever After!!

Saturday, March 18

On Saturday, Brenna and I decided to head to Branson for a sister day! We ate lunch at Steak and Shake (grilled cheese for the win) and then headed to Kohls to try on dresses we didn’t plan on buying! We tried on the new Beauty and the Beast collection and had fun just spending time together! Then, a quick trip to Micheal’s to buy some memory boxes turned into us walking around the entire store and looking at all the flowers and aesthetically pleasing things.

Then we went to Tanger and walked around, popping into a bunch of random stores and once again, not planning on buying anything. We ended our adventure by stopping at Krispy Kreme and getting a couple donuts!

Sunday, March 19

Early Sunday morning, my family loaded up in dad’s truck and headed down to Arkansas to go hiking! By the time we drove up the mountain, parked, made our lunch, and ate it outside, the weather was perfect and we were ready for an adventure! We spent a few hours hiking, climbing up big rocks, and staring out at the beautiful sights. We finally made it to Hawksbill Crag, which is an amazing rock that juts out on the side of the mountain. The view was spectacular, and we spent close to an hour in that area alone. The entire hike was breathtaking, and it was great to spend time in nature with my family.

The Rest of the Week

As most of you know, I worked at the Disney Store in Branson over the summer, which was a dream come true and such an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to be able to stay a Disney Cast Member even when I went away to school, and get to work at Disney when I’m home for breaks. I was scheduled about 30 hours there during spring break and I was so, so excited! I enjoyed working at my happy place again so much and I can’t wait to go back to working there full time over the summer.

Before Monday, I had never seen nor read Harry Potter. Shane thought that was criminal so he decided to change that. We watched the first movie together on Monday night and I am 100% a Hufflepuff. We also watched the 2nd movie a few days later, and I like them! I don’t completely understand the major hype but I enjoyed the movies! We’ll probably watch the rest of them this summer before I go to Universal during my DCP!

Saturday, March 25

I had a feeling working at the Disney Store on a rainy Saturday during Spring Break season was going to be crazy, but I didn’t realize how amazing my 8-hour shift would be. I don’t know exactly what it was but I just felt so happy and blessed and grateful to be there. My face hurt from smiling so much. The shift flew by (we were so busy) and before I knew it, I had to say goodbye to the most magical place in Branson until May 14. I’m counting down the days and I am READY.

After driving home and changing (and seeing my “Congratulations!” DCP post card which almost made me cry), Shane picked me up and we headed to Branson! We chowed down at our favorite restaurant, Cicis. I can never get tired of that place. Then we shared a sundae from Andy’s and I fed it to him while he drove us to the movie theater! Beauty and the Beast was only playing at 1:30 and 9:55 PM in 2D and we’re poor students so we had to settle for the late movie. Luckily we stayed awake and watched the movie and it was pretty good! There were parts that annoyed me, it isn’t as good as the original (obviously), and I definitely loved the live action Cinderella better, but I did enjoy it overall! Ewan McGregor did not disappoint.

The next day I went to church with Shane, packed up my stuff, and headed back to school! I had a great spring break and only have three more weeks until I’m headed home again for the spring musical, a week later is prom, and then three weeks after that the semester will be over! I only have 7 weeks left, and I’m sure they’ll fly by. I can’t believe my first full year of school is almost over, and in the next semester I’ll be in Florida for the Disney College Program! Life is insane and God is good and I can’t wait to see what adventures I’ll have next.

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