What I Learned From My First Semester of College

As I am finishing up finals and packing up the things I’m taking home for a month, I’ve realized how much I’ve changed, learned, and grown this semester. Yeah, I learned a lot in the classroom, but I’ve also discovered a lot of things about myself, and about life in general. This semester had it’s high points, but it also had it’s low points. I struggled a lot mentally, but I experienced a lot and made a lot of memories. While I’m excited to be home for a whole month for Christmas break, I am really pumped for next semester and the classes I’ll be taking! But before I head home later today, I’m reflecting on the “outside the classroom lessons” I learned and discovered in my first ever semester of college, because that only happens once.

  • I shouldn’t compare my college experience to other peoples’. I am on my own journey, my own adventure, and I am going through things at my own pace. It is not a race, and I shouldn’t treat it as one.
  • I am now an adult and am capable of making my own decisions. I should listen to parents’ and others’ advice, but do not have to follow it if I don’t want to/don’t think it would be best for me.
  • If I am hungry, I need to EAT. I shouldn’t listen to the stupid freshman 15 crap, I need to listen to my body. If I’m hungry: eat; if I’m not hungry: don’t eat. Simple as that.
  • I do not hate 8 AM classes like everyone insisted I would. I like starting my day off early rather than sleeping the morning away, and it also gives me time to talk to my lovely boyfriend before we begin our busy school days.
  • Don’t buy 88 cent can openers. They will break after only 6.5 uses. Splurge on the $3 ones.
  • Setting a budget for yourself is one of the best things you can do. If you set up a ratio of what percent of the money you make you will save, what you will spend, what you will use for groceries, etc. it makes it much easier to spend money. Plus, it actually gave me spending money which is great!
    • It also greatly reduced my extreme spending money anxiety, which I’ve struggled with for a couple of years. It isn’t completely gone, but it helps a lot.
  • It’s okay to be lazy sometimes. God could have done it all in a day, but He didn’t. He rested on the seventh day- I need rest too.
  • I’m not crazy for my extreme and irrational anxieties, no matter how much I feel like I am sometimes.
  • Pettiness does not end in high school, don’t expect it to.
  • When presenting something in class, especially a speech, dress nice! This gives your professor the impression that you are prepared and confident, even if you are not.
  • Praying before an exam helps a lot!! God won’t tell you the answers obviously, but He helps bring you peace and keep you calm, and helps your thoughts to flow easier.
  • Some dreams are worth pursuing, and some- realistically- are not.
  • Caring what other people think of you is the fastest way to being insecure about yourself.
  • God. Will. Take. Care. Of. You!!!!!!

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