Flippin’ Your Fins

Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far, legs are required for jumping, dancing…

Everyone currently has or has had something that holds them back, and keeps them from the being the best they can be. It could be a bad habit, a grudge against someone, an addiction, or something they just need to let go of. If something popped into your head, there’s a good chance you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Yes, this thing hasn’t killed you; you’re still you, and you’re still able to accomplish a lot in your life. But flippin’ your fins can only get you so far. Just imagine what you could do with human legs! You can swim and twirl with fins, but you can’t jump and dance with them. Although your fins don’t keep you from existing, they can keep you from fully living. Legs allow you to do so much more than you could have hoped.

For me, my “fin” is my eating disorder. Yeah, when I was sickest I was able to live life getting by. I still went on trips and maintained (some) relationships. My grades in school didn’t suffer too much and I was able to just… keep going. It didn’t kill me.

BUT, I didn’t enjoy anything in life. All of those trips I went on are blank spaces in my memory, blocked by the obsession with food and calories. My relationships were as dry and distant as could be. I didn’t retain any knowledge or even memories. I was simply existing.

I was flipping my fins, and not getting far at all.

But with human legs? I can jump and dance and do so much more. I can run and laugh and smile and live.

Your fins do nothing but weigh you down. Human legs offer you freedom.

Yes, getting legs requires you to give up your fins, and sometimes even more than that. It hurts, and sometimes you may feel like you’re losing and will never win; that you’re simply drowning in the water without fins or legs. You may at times feel like you’ll never truly get legs.

But you will. You will break the surface and those fins that have been holding you down for so long will be gone. It’s a painful process, but your legs will be worth it. You can run and dance and do so much more.

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