Turtles, Palm Trees, and Other Florida Things- Florida, Day 3

It’s been over a month since I left Florida, so I should probably post my last vacation blog! Day three was our last day to do everything we wanted to do while in Florida. My family still refused to take the short five-hour drive to Disney World, so that was out. I had a long list of things I wanted to do while in Panama City Beach, and I was determined to do at least a couple of those things! One thing was for sure- we were ready for our last day in the sunshine state!

My dad woke up feeling sick that morning, so we sadly had to start the day without him. For breakfast, we decided to drive down the street for half an hour passing multiple Waffle Houses, trying to find one that wasn’t super busy. We ended up stopping just because we were hungry and tired of driving. We waited to be seated for about ten minutes (in that time, Shane braided my hair), and then we sat down in a booth and ordered our food! It came out pretty quickly, and may I just say that that waffle (even though I didn’t finish it because of a stomach ache) was probably the best waffle I have ever had.


After breakfast, I finally convinced my family to go hiking! We drove out to St Andrews State Park and explored both walking trails they have there. It wasn’t exactly hiking, but it was a very pretty nature walk! We sweat a lot (who would have thought that Florida is hot?) and really enjoyed the trees, plants, and views that are very unique to the state! We even went against my parents’ wishes and climbed a few twisty-trees. We did not see any alligators (luckily) but we did see a deer at one point!

And then, after asking for so long and probably annoying everyone around me, we went to David’s Sno Balls! When I was a cute little freshman in high school, I did a project in FACs where I had to plan a family vacation- where the family would stay, eat, have fun, etc. I chose Panama City Beach, and one of the restaurants I found was David’s Sno Balls. I know it’s really random and maybe doesn’t make much sense, but ever since that project, I’ve been wanting to go there. I was glad to finally have that old dream come true, no matter how silly it may seem.


Later on in the day, while my family went swimming in the ocean one last time, Shane and I decided to go on our own little adventure. We went back to the turtles we found the other day (why do I like those cute little statues so much???) and spent over an hour walking around and playing Pokemon Go. It sounds really lame and maybe kind of geeky but that hour with him may be one of my favorite parts of our whole vacation. It was so peaceful and nice just being with him and having fun together.


At the end of the night, my mom took Brenna and I “somewhere secret”, but we both already knew where we were going because we had been asking about it the whole trip.


We got tattoos!!! (hena tattoos, my mom isn’t crazy haha). This is what mine looked like the next day! It was faded at first but it darkened out after the ink settled in (or something like that) 🙂


The next day, we headed back for the long drive home! Our short vacation in Florida was full of adventure and awesome experiences. I had a lot of fun with my family. Mental illness sucks and was an extra thing I didn’t intend to pack with me on this trip, but I managed to have some fun regardless! I’m glad I was able to escape a little bit with my family before I moved off to college 🙂

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