The First Two Weeks- College Update

I have officially been living in Joplin for fifteen days and have experienced two full weeks of classes! I’m finally settled into a pretty good routine and things are going well! I figured I’d update you all on my new life here at Missouri Southern, because a lot has changed!

Dorm Life

My dorm room has become my home away from home! Everything is yellow, flowery, and Disney, which is very ME. My suitemates and I also rearranged our living room this week so that feels a lot more homey and nice as well! I sleep very well in my bed every night, and I’ve managed to keep my desk cleaned off enough to actually do my homework (rare for me) and things have stayed pretty organized! I’m very okay with living in our little suite for the next many months!


Also, my suitemates and I are getting along very well! We’ve gone on many Walmart trips, made pillows for our living room, watched a few movies, and had lots of deep/silly conversations! I can tell the three of us are going to be good friends 🙂


I have really gotten into riding my bike around campus and I love it so much! I walk to all of my classes, but I love spending 30-50 minutes every other day or so just riding around, no place to be but everywhere to go. I usually bike 1.5-2 miles every time I ride. It’s an amazing way to exercise without having to go to the gym and really feel like I’m exercising, so it’s great for my recovery as well (more on that later). I can already feel my legs getting stronger and I’m able to push up steeper hills than I could two weeks ago. I also love my bike and it’s yellow with a cup-holder, it’s adorable.

I also went to my first yoga class on Thursday! I have been wanting to get into yoga for so long but haven’t really had any resources (besides YouTube) until now! It was so relaxing and so nice. It was a very judgement-free class (everyone was too focused on what they were doing to worry if you’re doing everything perfect), and I felt strong when I was able to hold the positions. I can’t wait to continue to go every week, hopefully twice a week.

The cafeteria food is… interesting. It’s really a toss-up when going to the dining hall, you never know if you’re going to enjoy your meal or not. Some days I go in and I’m like “YES, breakfast for dinner!!!” and it tasted so delicious I ate three hashbrowns. But sometimes I see what they’re serving for lunch and I just kind of sigh to myself because all they have is meat. However, ALL OF THEIR COOKIES ARE DELICIOUS. I have yet to have a bad tasting cookie from the dining hall.


But yeah, I’m surviving! They’re starting to have more vegetarian options and I’m trying different things. Sometimes it seems like my meals are half healthy and half “I’m hungry and need to fill my tummy so I’m going to eat some fries or another form of potato or other unhealthy things lol.” I made an adult decision to lower my meal plan in the dining hall and eat more meals in my dorm, which will make me feel better about what I’m eating and give me more options.


Oh yeah… THAT’S why I came to college.

My 8 AM class isn’t killing me as much as I thought it would, and I actually like getting up early and starting my day rather than sleeping later. So yay for that! Buuuut, it is biology which I am not good at. After not doing math or science my senior year of high school, doing one more science class might destroy my GPA but I’m working hard and I know I’ll be able to do well in the class. Even though I struggled the other day to find anything in my microscope (the guy next to me had to help me four times).

I really like my Intro to Human Communications/University Experience professor. He’s really funny and goofy but you can tell that he cares a lot about his students. My public speaking class is going to be interesting (300 students), and my lifetime wellness class is the equivalent of an upside down smiley-face emoji, but I’m enjoying my classes for the most part! Women’s Self Defense is good as well. I’ve had a lot of homework (and lots of reading assignments) already, but I’m all caught up at the moment. This will be my calm before the storm because I know as soon as we get back from Labor Day weekend, my easy schedule is going to become very jam-packed. So pumped, can’t wait.


Social Butterfly? Funny.

I’m an introvert and making friends is hard for me. but I’ve managed to attend multiple events so far and even met a few people that I can call friends! There’s always stuff going on here on campus, and almost every night there’s a concert or an event to attend. This semester’s theme is Great Britain, so they’re starting to have lectures open to all MSSU students about different aspects of the country, as well as British movies every Tuesday night! I also joined a Bible study on campus and I’m excited to start to get involved in other ways! I’m definitely not a social butterfly, but I’ve enjoyed the different things that Missouri Southern has to offer!

Long Distance

Being apart from Shane sucks, I’ll just put it simply. It’s been two weeks since we’ve seen each other and I don’t know how long it’ll be until I get to see him again. We’re making it though, and I honestly think being apart is making us stronger. We message every day and talk on the phone/video chat as often as possible. I also make him send me a selfie every day just so I can keep seeing his handsome face. It sucks so much not being with him, and I miss him more than I thought was possible, but we have such a strong mental/emotional connection, we don’t need to be physically together to keep falling in love every day.


Recovery is hard enough on its own, but mix in moving away from your childhood home and a whole lot of life-change, and things can get even more difficult. I’ll most likely write a whole post about the transition into college while still struggling with eating disorder recovery, but for now, I’ll keep it short and sweet: I’m surviving. I haven’t fallen into a relapse, and am actually continuing to come out of my relapse from over the summer, stronger than ever. Food is hard but I’m still eating, and I’m still trying to learn how to deal with overwhelming thoughts that strike me quite often. Mental illness isn’t holding me back from living here at college, and I pray that I can continue to walk down the path of recovery with little tripping and no turning around. God is on my side, and I know that I can make it through this. I will continue to wear my NEDA necklace and will be proud to answer the questions of what it means.


College so far has not been unkind to me. I’m very happy with where I am in life at the moment, and I know that God has such huge plans for me here at Missouri Southern. I can’t wait to see what they are as the weeks continue to fly by. Go lions!

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