Move-In Day at MSSU!

August 18 was a weird day for me. I got up and watched my brother and sister head off for their first day of school while I.. stayed home. No more high school for me! I finished packing up everything in my room and did some last-minute stuff I needed to get done while waiting to leave! My mom and I loaded as much stuff as we could into my trunk, and the rest went into my dad’s truck!


After Brenna and Shane got out of school, I picked them up and we headed off, following my dad all the way to Joplin! The two-hour car ride went by quickly, full of laughs and conversation. Once we got to the school and realized there was no parking near my dorm, dad and Shane took the cars to find somewhere to park while my mom and I checked in! I got my key and a housing lady went over some rules for me, and that was that! We unloaded the truck and used a big yellow bin to get it all in my room (which is at the end of the hallway). We just kind of put everything into my room and it got very messy very fast.


After a quick look around of my suite and introducing two of my roommates to my family, we began the complicated process of taking everything out of their boxes. We were kind of disorganized so it got even messier even faster, but we eventually got my sheets, quilt, and pillows on my bed, it got a little easier.


Pretty soon after we started unpacking, mom and dad left to go pick up some pizza because we were huuuungryyy. So us “kids” went and got me a mailbox, then worked more on unpacking!

Then we took a pizza break and ate lots of Casey’s pizza! With all the grease, we realized that we don’t have paper towels, so add that to the list of things we need to get on our first Walmart run…

Then we finished up unpacking most of the boxes! Brenna handled putting all of my clothes in the closet and dresser while Shane and I took out all that we could and put them in easy places. Everything else (pictures, school supplies, etc.) we left in the boxes for me to do later!


Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye.. I walked with Shane, Brenna, and my parents to the parking lot and hugged them all very tightly. It feels so weird to me that I won’t be back at my house for two months. I don’t know when I’ll see everybody again.


I went back to my room and started getting down to business of unpacking everything! It was very stressful trying to figure out where I could put everything, especially the things that don’t really have a purpose but that I wanted to bring anyway (mini Disney Scene It, where do I place you??). I gave up around 10:00 and decided to call it a night, leaving my pictures and major organization for the morning.

I slept okay for my first night in my dorm room. My roommate hasn’t moved in yet, so it was just me in the room. My pillow was kind of uncomfortable and the bed was small, but I was exhausted and fell asleep very fast. I have a feeling it will be like that a lot.

Move-in day was very successful, and while I’m already feeling a little homesick, I’m excited for the upcoming events this weekend, and for classes to start on Monday! I’m ready for this new adventure.

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