The Last Night

Tomorrow, I move to college.

All of (just kidding, most of) the stuff I’m taking with me for the next two semesters is packed up, and my room is full of boxes and plastic bags that I need to throw away. I had my last dinner in this house, last evening of watching TV with my family, and many other lasts that I didn’t even realize were passing until they were gone. Tomorrow morning, I’ll get up to say goodbye to my “little” brother, and my other family goodbyes will be said later after they leave me in Joplin. It still doesn’t entirely seem real that I’m leaving the town I grew up in; I’m off to chase my dreams and have many new adventures.

I’ve lived in this house since I was born. It’s changed many times since then (new rooms, wood floor, paint, rearranging, a couple walls taken out), and my family has grown (two new siblings, and lots of pets throughout the years). I’ve lived in every bedroom in this house except for my parents’, and I’ve made countless memories inside each wall. I grew up here. And soon all this house won’t even really be mine anymore- I’ll have a new room, new bathroom, new place to call my own.

I know that when I fall asleep tonight, it will be the last night I sleep in this bed (in a while anyway). The last night I vocalize “goodnight!” to my family, the last night I can pet my cat and tell him I love him, the last night in the house I grew up in.

Tomorrow I set out for a new adventure. Growth, discovery, friendships, and dreams wait for me on the other side of my two hour drive, and I’m very excited to see what God has planned for my future! Although I’m sad about everything I’m leaving here, I know that all of these goodbyes aren’t really goodbyes, they’re “see you later”s.

I’m ready for this adventure! Let’s do this (in 16 hours)

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