Vitamin Sea and Pier Pressure- Florida, Day 1

Our first full day in Panama City Beach, Florida was supposed to be our “relaxing day”, so we could catch up on some sleep after a full day of traveling, and to get ready for the next couple of days where we had lots of things planned. We didn’t originally intend to partake in exhausting activities that would result in sunburns, lots of sweat, and tired feet, but sometimes the best adventures aren’t planned.

We got up after getting a full 8-9 hours of sleep, and us kids headed down to the beach, which was just a short walk from our house. The flag was still red (yellow by the time we got out of the water), but we really wanted to swim in the ocean after being land-locked in Missouri for so long. So we YOLOed it, put on our swimming suits, and ran into the beautiful water. The waves were the perfect size, and we spent a couple hours taking pictures on my waterproof disposable camera, jumping over waves, and enjoying the wonderful weather.

*Why is the ocean so salty? Because no one ever waves back!*


Once we were finally done for the morning, my mom suggested that we walk a little way down the street to the pier that we could see from our place on the beach. We all agreed, because it was only a “short walk”. Before we started heading in that direction, though, I really wanted to find the turtle statues that showed up on my Pokémon Go map. It was a plus that they were Pokestops, but they looked really cute and I just wanted to take pictures with them.

We found the turtles in a really cool area that belonged to a hotel I believe. There was a really cool walkway around a lake with a bunch of cute, painted turtles everywhere. We spent quite a bit of time there, enjoying the view and taking pictures. I really liked the turtles.

Then we began walking to the pier! After half an hour of sweating buckets (which felt like hours), we decided to step off the sidewalks and walk onto the beach to see how far away the pier looked from our current location. It looked to be the exact distance as it did half an hour ago. Everyone was ready to quit; it looked to be a few more hours of walking away. I looked it up on Google Maps, and it said that we were actually only a mile away from that specific pier. We didn’t know how far we had already walked, but we decided to keep going.

Another half hour of sweating later- and a quick stop into a souvenir shop to get some water- we finally made it to the pier. We walked all the way to the end, enjoying the view of the clear, beautiful water, feeling the breeze, and enjoying the afternoon. It was totally worth the exhausting two mile walk. The pier was just beautiful and I really enjoyed it.

On the walk back, we stopped at Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar, a really cute ice cream shop halfway back to our little beach house. The prices seemed expensive at first, but once we saw how big one scoop of ice cream actually was, it was worth it. Shane and I shared “Cookie Monster”, which had cookie dough and Oreo chunks and turned our mouths blue. It was so delicious though, I wish we had that back in Missouri.


Once we made it back to the beach, we went swimming again, and ended the night by burying Briar in the sand and watching him struggle to get out of the pile.


Our first full day in Florida was hot but absolutely wonderful.Stay tuned for my next post about day two!


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