Branson Selfie Adventure

I had a full, beautiful day off today before I begin the rest of my busy work-week, so Shane and I went on a little adventure! Rather than doing something simple like going to a movie (we’re saving that for next week when Finding Dory comes out), we decided to do something weird and random. If you’ve ever driven down the strip in Branson, you probably noticed all the big, weird statues that are kind of everywhere.

So, we went to Target, bought a selfie-stick, and spent a few hours driving through town and stopping to take selfies with all of the big statues and things!

Then we ate lunch at Pasghetti’s! I have been wanting to go there ever since the giant meatball appeared on the strip, and today I finally got to! Yes, I’m a vegetarian now, and yes I still did take pictures in the meatball.

We got free breadsticks, Shane got a sandwich, I got some cheese ravioli, and we shared his fries! The atmosphere of the restaurant was so cool; it felt like we were sitting somewhere in Italy.

I very much enjoyed the meal, and was excited to get back out on the streets for more selfie-fun. Giant ships, Cars, chickens, large instruments, Branson has it all!

It was really hot today and I got a headache later because of it, but I very much enjoyed our Branson Selfie Adventure. It was so random and crazy, but so fun and silly and I loved every minute of it. I’m very blessed to have such an awesome boyfriend that will do such weird things with me.

Today’s adventures were so much fun. And now I work 40+ hours in the next four days, so excited woo. I hope I live to see my next day off..

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