Hiking Weather

Saturday, April 23. A high of 81. A small group of friends. A birthday to celebrate. What better day to go hiking in the Ozark mountains?

I was originally planning on having a Tangled themed birthday party (because why not?), but time snuck up on me. Since not many people were able to hang out this weekend, we decided to go out and have fun- in the woods! (I’ll try to refrain from making  Into the Woods references in this post, I apologize in advance)

We started hiking at about 10:30, and the weather was perfect. It was cool, but not cold; not super warm, but enough for you to feel it. We followed Kathryn up and down the trail, over rocks and down steep hills. We eventually came to a really steep cliff that I made everyone stand by so we could take pictures.

Then we continued the hike! We went into a couple caves, walked on thin trails, and got to look at the beautiful, amazing view. Eventually, Jared and Hailey caught up with us and soon after, we turned back around. Thankfully I didn’t fall down the whole two and a half hours of the hike thanks to Shane. The trees were such a breathtaking shade of green, the rocks contrasted the rest of the scenery perfectly, and we were so high up that we could see the blue lake far below us (down a steep, rocky hill of course).

The trail was nice because on the way back, it wasn’t all uphill until the end. Once we got to the last fifteen minutes uphill, I may have almost died, but eventually we made it back to the beginning!

We sat down and drank lots of water and ate sandwiches, chips, and some weird people ate fruit or something. It was really nice to relax after a couple hours of hiking.

After my mom and sister left, us “kids” headed back onto the trail, except we took a bigger, easier one this time. It was short and sweet and led us to a burned down building and a beautiful view of the Ozarks.

Afterwards, we were all very hot, tired, and hungry. So we headed across the street to Coldstone to fill our tummies with cold, sweet custard! Then, our time together came to an end. I had such an awesome time being surrounded by nature with such awesome friends

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